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Established in 2012, Loanstreet.com.my is a comprehensive and independent Malaysian comparison website, with its very own library of financial articles. Loanstreet’s cutting-edge platform makes it easy for anyone to compare retail credit products including credit cards, personal loans, and housing loans.

We believe that finance is meant to be effortless, engaging and educational. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to find the products you need at just the click of a button. Users can compare all available options and to know their eligibility before applying for a loan or a credit card, with offers coming from multiple banks.

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Unsecured credit products:

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Users can expect to receive independent and personalized advice. Professional credit evaluations are done for each individual customer and selected banks will be notified. This service takes away the hassle of applying to and dealing with too many banks unnecessarily. All advice offered are free of charge and non-obligatory.

Loanstreet.com.my is run by a dedicated team of professionals.

Loanstreet Partners™

Loanstreet Partners™ is a cloud based, end-financing, management platform that provides a single point for checking loan eligibility results from any bank. This is achieved by replicating the unique scorecards used by various lenders onto a single platform.

If your business relies on your clients’ access to loans, Loanstreet Partners™ is just the solution for you.