About Us

Loanstreet is an independent Malaysian loan comparison website and provides independent loan advisory service free of charge. We make it easy for the customer to compare all available options and know their borrowing eligibility before applying for a loan. With a single application, customers can get offers from multiple banks.

Customers can expect to receive independent and personalized advice from us. Case assessments are generated for each individual customer and selected banks will be notified. Customers can then expect to deal directly with banks from then on. This service takes away the hassle of applying to and dealing with too many banks unnecessarily. All advice offered are free of charge and non-obligatory.

Loanstreet is run by a dedicated team of professionals from the banking industry. It currently specializes in property loans and related financial products.

Featured Products

Residential property mortgages for both purchase and refinancing:

  • Housing loan or home loan
  • Land and construction loan

Commercial property mortgages for both purchase and refinancing:

  • Loans for shop house and office lots
  • Loans for serviced apartments, SoHo, SoVo and SoHo
  • Loans for factories

Loanstreet Partners™

Loanstreet Partners™ is a cloud based credit solutions platform that provides a single point for checking loan eligibility results from any bank. This is achieved by replicating the unique scorecards used by various lenders onto a single platform.

If your business relies on your clients’ access to loans, Loanstreet Partners™ is just the solution for you.