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Buying Insurances Using Minister’s Dining Sets Allowance?

BY Faiz Rahim

Updated 23 Jul 2020

Quick question, have you guys ever heard of dining sets allowance? If you guys wanna know, our Ministers have been getting incentives for them to buy dining sets (is it all gold though?) and guess what? The total allowance for one minister is RM42 thousands. Yup, you heard that right. It’s RM42 thousands! We all found out about it recently when Syed Saddiq listed out his earnings.


The burning question in everyone's minds is the same (yes, I know!), what kind of brands of dining sets that our ministers have bought all these while? Is it CorningWare? If you guys don’t know, a news story went viral recently that old dining sets that used to be valued around two hundred can now be sold at thousands ringgit! You don’t believe me? Have a read of this article from World of Buzz!

Many netizens were mad confused regarding this matter. Granted, how expensive dining sets that our ministers have been buying can get? There are some people even questioning if it is wise to spend such a large amount for dining sets, when it can go elsewhere like our welfare or education system (I mean, just to name a few). Even Harian Metro reported that the total of dining sets allowance for one minister can be used to finance salaries for 10 doctors.


Do you guys want to know how much our minister’s dining sets allowance? Ok, since Loanstreet provides car, motorcycle and travel insurance, I’ll show you how much of these insurances can we buy using our minister’s dining sets allowance. To make it brief and simpler to understand, I’ll provide at least one or two examples to accompany each type of insurance. Capiche?


What's covered in this article?

Car insurance, how much can we buy? 

Without a doubt that car insurance is quite expensive and approximately could cost over RM500. So, we’ll just assume the total of car insurance is RM720, k?

Okay, so let’s imagine, if one person needs to pay RM720 for car insurance, the government can pay at least 58 people. If we reduce the payment to RM645, we can now cover 65 people in buying their car insurances. This is just only using dining sets allowance for one minister.

What would happen if we multiply it with the remaining 27 ministers? Roughly, we could use it to pay car insurance for more than a thousand people. This has yet to include our Prime Minister’s allowance and his other four Menteri Kanan! How about the dining sets allowances for deputy ministers? How much do they get?

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How about motorcycle insurance?

As usual, prices for motorcycle insurance would be somewhat cheaper or quite similar to car insurance. With that, by right, we can buy more motorcycle insurances using the dining sets allowances.

For example, we put the payment for motorcycle insurance around RM390. Using the RM42 thousands worth of dining sets allowance, we can definitely buy for more than 100 people. How about you try to open a calculator app on your phone and count it with me? Do you also get the same answer as me, which is we can cover motorcycle insurances for a total of 107 riders?

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Moving on to travel insurance…

As for travel insurance, it could vary around the range from RM40 to RM260. This is because travel insurances are depending on various factors such as how long the duration is, for how many people and what kind of policy that you bought. 

Let’s say, we price the car insurance for a family that will be vacationing for a week, this particular family will need to pay RM255 to cover everything. With the RM42 thousands dining sets allowance, we can use it to pay for at least 164 families. If it is for individuals, we can help 415 people to pay their RM101 travel insurance for them to travel safely.

Frankly, I’m not sure how and what do you feel about it but if I can help these 164 families or 415 people to have a well-deserved vacation without any worries or fear of any accidents or tragedy – I would be happy! 

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Although there are some humours and jokes included here and there in this article, admin would like to reiterate how important it is to have insurance, especially in these times, more than ever. We don’t know when any tragedy or accident can happen but having insurance will make us more prepared for the worst. So, when it happens, we’ll be ready!

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If you guys are interested to buy new insurance, feel free to check our website for more information on our services. It is guaranteed that your purchase will be done and completed in just 5 minutes. Have a read of this article to find out how to buy or renew insurances online with Loanstreet.

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