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NO TIME? Purchase/Renew Motorcycle Insurance & Road Tax Online Now!

BY Nisya Aziz

Updated 01 Sep 2021

Sometimes we get too caught up with the everyday routine that we tend to forget or neglect the expiry date of your vehicle insurance and road tax until the last minute. And then, you start to feel kancheong to renew everything to avoid from kena saman

Thanks to today’s technology, you no longer need to queue for a loooong time at the post office, insurance office or hire a runner because Loanstreet has an insurance portal to help Malaysians - especially MOTORCYCLISTS to renew their insurance without the hassle. We also included a road tax renewal service to make the process easier for you.

Now, to do this, all you need is a laptop or smartphone with internet access. Also, make sure you've the motorcycle grant and past insurance cover note with you for your reference later.

What's covered in this article?

So, how to purchase/renew insurance & road tax online via Loanstreet?


STEP 1 - Visit Loanstreet’s website

Once you’re on the website, look for the “Insurance” button and click “Motorcycle Insurance”. Then, do you see the “Get Quote” button? Haaa… Click on it.


STEP 2 - Fill in the required details to get QUOTATION

Then, you’ll need to fill in your particulars and motorcycle details. Take note that this part of the process is very important, so make sure that the details you provide are accurate based on your motorcycle grant and previous cover note. If you entered your info wrongly, no worries as there's an edit button at the top.

To add, the details given will be taken into account when calculating the insurance price and influence the quotation as per image in STEP 3.


STEP 3 - Agree with the quotation? Click “PROCEED” 

If you agree with the quotation given, you can proceed with the purchase of your motorcycle insurance by clicking “PROCEED”. You’ll then be asked to fill in further details (refer below image).


STEP 4 - Why not renew your road tax too via Loanstreet? (This is optional)

Before making the payment, you’ll be given an option to renew your road tax. If you want to renew it, just click on the “YES” and "Use motorcycle owner's details" button so that the system can retrieve the details given previously, just like what you see in the image above. On top of that, you’ll also get to see the updated Total Amount Due - this includes the delivery charges and service fee.

Side note: To those who want to renew your road tax with Loanstreet, we’d like to highlight that the delivery will take about 3 to 5 working days for Peninsular Malaysia (RM8 delivery charge). As for those who are living in East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak), here's the bad news - we don't deliver there - SORRY!

Anyway you can SKIP this process if you don’t want to renew your road tax by clicking “Next”.

STEP 5 - Confirm your details & make the payment

Before making the payment, you’ll be prompted to check and confirm your details - who knows… you might’ve key in wrong info or made a typo (this is to avoid future problems). As for the payment, Loanstreet currently only accepts payment via online banking (FPX) or Boost e-wallet at the moment.

Finally, the journey of your insurance (and road tax) purchase/renewal has come to an end! Now all you have to do is just wait for an email by the insurance provider for the cover note (refer image below) INSTANTANEOUSLY (if there’s no error). 


You only need less than 5 minutes to complete this!

But... if your internet connection is slow AF or if you have a love-hate relationship with technology, then the process will take slightly longer - just putting it out there.

So, don’t forget to share with your family and friends about Loanstreet’s insurance portal. It’ll definitely save you money and time. On top of that, you can renew your motorcycle insurance as early as 2 months before the expiry date. So, whatchu waiting for? Cuba try test!


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Nisya Aziz

A storyteller at Finology, who drinks coffee like its water, Nisya enjoy bringing valuable, educational and entertaining content to others. When not busy crafting content, you’ll find her in the boulder gym or on stage, performing theatre shows.


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