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7 Facts That Show How Bad Most Malaysians Are at Driving

Updated 30 Apr 2019 – By Hani Juma

Road accidents are pretty common in Malaysia. You’ve read or heard about it on social media, news and other media platforms. Based on Michigan University’s research, the country has the 17th most dangerous road in the world

Obviously, this isn’t the kind of reputation that we want to be part of.  Is it really that bad? Do we ourselves contribute to the statistic? Or we’re just naturally are bad at driving? What could be the causes? To answer these questions, we did some research on the net and gathered some statistics about driving in Malaysia. Let’s check it out.


Looking at the statistics above, we can say that road accidents can happen at any time and to anyone. No matter how safe you’re trying to be, there’s still a chance that you could be involved in one because you’re not the only person on the road and we can’t control how other people driving/riding. 

This is why you need insurance to protect your vehicle and act as your financial cushion. So, if you haven’t renewed your road tax and insurance for your car or motorcycle, no need to beratur or hire a runner anymore. Just head over to Loanstreet to get it done - it’ll only take 5 minutes of your time.

Stay safe, everyone!
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