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Gold Malaysia: Here's Your Guide to Gold Investment 101!

Faiz Rahim - 28 Aug 2023

You’re interested in gold investment but know nothing about it? Worry not, here’s your gold investment 101. Read on to know more!

Worth It? Which Streaming Platform Is the Best in Malaysia?

Faiz Rahim - 15 May 2023

There are lots of streaming platforms in Malaysia, you just need to pick the ONE. Haa, here’s a streaming platform comparison just to make it eas[...]

How To Calculate Zakat On Your Investment?

Faiz Rahim - 27 Apr 2022

Investment has its ups and downs and at times you'll earn profits. But, don't forget to pay zakat. Here's how you can calculate zakat on your inv[...]

How Much Myvi’s Maintenance Would Cost Monthly?

Faiz Rahim - 31 Jul 2023

Buying a car isn’t easy, there are many responsibilities. Especially when it comes to the car’s (Myvi) maintenance cost. How much would you spend[...]

PEMULIH Stimulus Package: 9 Things You Need to Know

Faiz Rahim - 07 Jul 2021

Our PM has announced the Rakyat Protection and Economic Recovery Package (PEMULIH) to help the rakyat. Read on to know more about the initiatives.

6 PEMERKASA Plus Initiatives You Can Take Advantage Of!

Faiz Rahim - 02 Jun 2021

Our PM recently announced PEMERKASA Plus initiatives to help the rakyat as the country went into lockdown. Here are 6 initiatives that you should[...]

6 Things About Money Market Funds You Might Not Know

Faiz Rahim - 07 May 2021

Money market funds can diversify your investment risk and potentially maximise your returns. But, that’s not all.

M’sian COVID-19 Vaccine Compensation Might Not Be Enough for All

Faiz Rahim - 29 Apr 2022

As the gahmen introduces the COVID-19 vaccine compensation scheme, we break down the cost to see if the allocation is enough. Read on to know more.

9 PERMAI Assistance Package You Should Know (COVID-19)

Faiz Rahim - 22 Mar 2021

Here is the list of PERMAI initiatives that you can look forward to.

EPF Account 1 Withdrawal (i-Sinar): The Pros and Cons

Nisya Aziz & Faiz Rahim - 28 Dec 2020

As i-Sinar is now open, many are looking to withdraw the money. Read on to know what are the pros and cons of withdrawing from your account 1 bef[...]