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What it Covers?

Falling Objects
Covers any damages caused by falling objects.
Legal Cost
Covers lawyers fee, doesn't include any form of penalty charges
Up to RM2,000
Bodily Injury of Third Party
Covers your liabilities in any occurrence of bodily injuries to the third party.
Third Party Property Damage
Up to RM 3 Million
Death of Third Party
Covers your liabilities in any event that causes death to the third party.
Fire, Explosion or Lightning
Protects from damages caused by fire, explosions and lightning.
Burglary, Housebreaking or Theft
Covers from any misfortunes caused by burglary, housebreaking or theft.
Malicious Acts
Covers damage to your motorcycle due to malicious acts by third party.
While in Transit
Coverage to your motorcycle being carried from one place to another (including during loading and unloading) of Your Motorcycle by Road, rail, inland waterway and across the sea by ferry or ship or any sea faring vessels etc. (between the island of Penang and the mainland only)

Things to Know

This policy provides insurance against loss or damage to your motorcycle, liability to third parties for bodily injury or death and damage to third parties’ property.

Comprehensive: AXA will indemnify you if your motorcycle is lost or damaged during the Period of Insurance arising from the incidents like accident, fire, burglary etc. You may view the full list of scenarios covered in our Policy Wording.

For more information please refer to the Product Disclosure Sheet.