Frequently Asked Questions

Loanstreet is an independent Malaysian loan comparison website that is free for use and provides independent loan advisory service free of charge. We make it easy for the customer to compare all options available and know their borrowing eligibility before applying for a loan. With a single application, customers can get offers from multiple banks. Our database of products is updated regularly to ensure all information shown is up to date.

Using our proprietary wizard, customers are guided through a short questionnaire on their needs before the most suitable options are displayed for comparison. Customers can choose the best options and apply via Loanstreet with a single application.

Customers can expect a phone call from us within 1 working day. In this phone call, customers will learn about their maximum borrowing eligibility with each bank as well as get guidance on the best options for their unique situation. A personalized case assessment is then generated and selected banks will be notified.

From then on, customers can then expect to deal directly with banks and should receive a call from banks with an indicative offer within 3 working days. Customer’s supporting documents (e.g. IC copies, income statements) will be requested by the bank at some point. At the end, qualified customers can expect Letter of Offers from the multiple competing banks and be able to choose from the best.

Loanstreet’s loan application process improves on the traditional method of hunting for a loan. Customers can expect to receive independent and personalized advice from experts. Armed with information, customers can make better decisions. And with multiple banks competing for the same loan, customers can enjoy better rates and terms from banks. This service is free of charge and absolutely convenient for customers.

Yes, with absolutely no hidden costs!

Loanstreet earns a fee from banks for all loans successfully applied and processed via our channel. If you have benefited from our website, do help us to keep our website and services free by making use of our channel to apply for your loans.

No. There is no obligation to take up any offer if you are unhappy with it.

Loanstreet’s service currently covers the major population centres of Malaysia including East Malaysia, and our coverage area increases from day to day. If you are unsure of Loanstreet’s coverage of your area, we encourage you to make the submission anyway. You can expect a call within 1 working day of your submission in which we will confirm our service coverage of your area.

Residential property mortgages for both purchase and refinancing including:

  • Housing loan or home loan
  • Residential land + Construction loans

Commercial property mortgages for both purchase and refinancing:

  • Loans for shop house and office lots
  • Loans for serviced apartments, SoHo, SoVo and SoHo
  • Loans for factories
  • Commercial/Industrial Land
  • Agriculture Land

Renovation Loans & Bundled Products

The list of featured products will increase from time to time to encompass other products.

Loanstreet works closely with banks, and strives to ensure the information on this website is accurate and up to date.

It is necessary that you are contactable for your application to proceed. You will never receive SPAM or unsolicited calls / messages from us, nor will we release your information to 3rd parties unnecessarily and without your consent. See our Privacy Policy.

We offer editorial content at our Learning Centre for loan and financing related topics.

Visitors are welcome to write in to us at if they have any questions regarding loans, property financing and legal advice in Malaysia. Our panel of experts will try to address them in a timely manner. They include experienced bankers, lawyers, seasoned property agents, and independent financial advisors.

Visitors are welcome to write in to us at Our panel of experts will try to address each of them in timely manner. They include experienced bankers, lawyers, seasoned property agents, and independent financial advisors.

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