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Product Details

Interest rate

Interest Rate

Borrow Interest Rate
RM2,000 - RM15,000
Interest Rate:
13.45% p.a.
RM16,000 - RM50,000
Interest Rate:
11.66% p.a.
RM51,000 - RM99,000
Interest Rate:
9.91% p.a.
RM100,000 - RM150,000
Interest Rate:
8.18% p.a.
Fees n charges

Fees and Charges

Interest Rate
Interest Rate:
From 8.18% p.a. to 13.45% p.a., depending on loan amount and period
Processing Fee
Processing Fee:
No fee
Late Payment Fee
Late Payment Fee:
1% of current outstanding amount


Minimum Annual Income

Minimum Annual Income:
Minimum Age
Minimum Age:
21 years old
Maximum Age
Maximum Age:
55 years old

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can borrow between RM2,000 to RM150,000 from RHB Easy.

This loan repayment tenure can be up to 5 years (60 months)

You can be approved immediately with RHB Easy

You will need to pay Government Stamp Duty on the amount you borrow, this is calculated at 0.50% of the total amount loaned.

If you are a salaried employee:

  • Latest payment slip
  • Most current EPF Statement with latest 6 months’ contribution
  • Latest bank saving account passbook or current/savings account statement

If you are self-employed:

  • Business Registration Certificate (must be at least 2 years in business)
  • Latest 6 months' bank statement
  • Most recent Form B/BE from LHDN

In most cases, payments begin the month following the date you receive your loan and continue every month until the loan has been completely repaid.

Only on a late repayment case you will be charged 1% p.a. on the outstanding balance