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Apply for Share Margin Financing by Hong Leong Bank

Leverage your assets to increase your investment power with Hong Leong Bank Share Margin Financing.

Product Details

Collateral type

Collateral Type

Collateral Type Trading Limit
Collateral Type:
Cash / Fixed Deposits
Trading Limit:
Collateral Type:
Shares / Unit Trusts
Trading Limit:
Interest rate

Financing Amount & Interest Rate

You Borrow Interest Rate
You Borrow:
RM50,000 - RM5,000,000
Interest Rate:
Base Rate + 1.17% (Effective Rate at 5.20%)
Fees n charges

Fees and Charges

Ad Valorem Stamp Duty
Ad Valorem Stamp Duty:
0.5% of Approved Limit
Roll-over Fee
Roll-over Fee:
Not Applicable
Upfront Fee
Upfront Fee


Minimum Age
Minimum Age:
21 Years Old
Maximum Age
Maximum Age :
65 Years Old
Who Can Apply
Who Can Apply
Malaysian Citizen / PR of Malaysia