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Chinese New Year (CNY) 2023 Angpao Guide

Caitlyn Ng - 25 Jan 2023

Enter Chinese New Year (CNY), the best time of the year to get lots of money, with no strings attached! Time for you to see how much you should b[...]

Types of Saman in Malaysia and How to Settle Lah?

Caitlyn Ng - 21 Dec 2022

If you kena saman before, chances are you've been confused about the issuing parties - JPJ and PDRM. Then read on to know how to tell the differe[...]

What Happens to Your Home Loan if the Economy Goes Kaput?

Caitlyn Ng - 11 Mar 2020

You’re about to take on a home loan to that dream property, but suddenly, hyperinflation hits and the entire country is in chaos. What’s going to[...]

5 Credit Card 'Hacks' That Many Aren't Taking Advantage Of

Caitlyn Ng - 29 Jan 2020

Even though there are some people who view credit cards as a bad thing, they can be a useful financial tool if managed properly, especially with [...]

[QUIZ] Can We Tell What Type of Shopper You Are, Malaysians?

Caitlyn Ng - 11 Nov 2019

In the mall, you’ll see a variety of human behaviours so if you’ve ever wondered what type of shopper you are, why not take our quiz to find out! 

Chinese Zodiac Prediction for 2019: Will Your Fortune Be Good or Bad This Year?

Caitlyn Ng - 31 Jan 2019

Chinese New Year 2019 is the year of the Pig, which is the twelfth of all zodiac animals, and symbolizes wealth and good fortune. Let's take a lo[...]

This Is How NOT to Fall for the Scams of Fake Police Officers!

Caitlyn Ng - 10 Feb 2023

When stopped by the police, usually people will immediately obey. But what if they're fake? So, to avoid becoming a victim, then you better read on!

Want to Modify Your Motorcycle? Then You'd Better Be Prepared for This!

Caitlyn Ng - 03 Jun 2021

If you've ever wanted to modify your motorcycle, have you ever stopped to consider if it's covered by your insurance? We’re here to answer some o[...]

Can You Depend on Other Alternatives in Malaysia Instead of Owning a Car?

Caitlyn Ng - 05 Aug 2021

Owning a car and having the convenience of being able to drive from one place to another at the drop of a pin is VERY liberating. But have you co[...]

What Is Cryptocurrency and Is It Already Dying?

Caitlyn Ng - 03 Jan 2019

Before we examine why crptocurrency is dying, you first need to understand how its differences compared to the traditional paper-and-metal money [...]