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Chinese New Year 2022 Angpao Guide (So You DON'T Come Across As Kiamsiap)!

Caitlyn Ng - 27 Jan 2022

world of the practice of giving money on CNY; or if you just don’t care, skip that part, scroll down a bit, and see how much you should be giving.  [...]

“Alamak, Camne Nak Selesaikan Jenis-jenis Saman Ni?”

Caitlyn Ng - 01 Sep 2021

aliknya. Kalau korang salah sorang, baca ni untuk tahu perbezaan JPJ dan polis. Paling penting, tahu cara nak setel saman yang korang dapat!   [...]

5 Inisiatif Untuk WANITA Korang Patut Tahu

Caitlyn Ng - 17 Mar 2021

gat kempen ni, kami decide untuk tengok 5 inisiatif yang dapat bantu, perkasakan dan bagi perubahan positif kepada golongan wanita kat negara ni.  [...]

What Happens to Your Home Loan if the Economy Goes Kaput?

Caitlyn Ng - 11 Mar 2020

t suddenly, hyperinflation hits and the entire country goes bat-shit crazy. Did you know that it could affect your home loan AND your property?   [...]

5 Credit Card 'Hacks' That Many Aren't Taking Advantage Of

Caitlyn Ng - 29 Jan 2020

as some of them can be borderline shameful), but hey, they’re still within legal boundaries. So without further ado, let’s get started on this list! [...]

Types of Saman in Malaysia… and How to Settle Lah?

Caitlyn Ng - 22 Feb 2022

  If you’re one of them, then read on to know how to tell the differences between the two, and how to settle any saman that you happened to kena.  [...]

[QUIZ] Can We Tell What Type of Shopper You Are, Malaysians?

Caitlyn Ng - 11 Nov 2019

So, what type of shopper are YOU? If you’ve ever wondered if you see yourself in any of the scenarios above, why not take our quiz to find out!   [...]

Chinese Zodiac Prediction for 2019: Will Your Fortune Be Good or Bad This Year?

Caitlyn Ng - 31 Jan 2019

ourtesy of information from the 2019 Year of Boar Outlook, a book by Malaysian Institute of Geomancy Sciences (MINGS) president Prof. Joe Choo!  [...]

This Is How NOT to Fall for the Scams of Fake Police Officers!

Caitlyn Ng - 21 Jul 2021

to learn these 4 important tips on how to tell if that law enforcer is fake and what to do, so you won’t get conned of all your hard-earned money!  [...]

Want to Modify Your Motorcycle? Then You'd Better Be Prepared for This!

Caitlyn Ng - 03 Jun 2021

re you signed the agreement. We’re here to answer some of the common questions surrounding getting insured for modified and customised motorcycles.  [...]