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4 Reasons Your Motor Insurance Claim Got Rejected

BY Philippe Andrews

Updated 29 May 2023

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Having your motor insurance claim rejected can be a horrifying experience, especially if you need the money to repair your vehicle after an accident, a theft, or even a hit-and-run. But, what are some popular reasons why a claim might get rejected in the first place?

What's covered in this article?

1. Invalid police reports

Using a police report that was filed more than 24 hours after an accident happened to make your motor insurance claim can lead to rejection, as insurance providers often consider delayed police reports to be invalid. As such, don’t follow the “Lepak dulu bro!” mentality here and report all accidents that your vehicles are involved in as soon as they occur instead. Don’t try to fake a police report either, as doing so could cost you up to six months in prison or a maximum fine of RM2,000.


2. Not a named driver 

If your vehicle was damaged while being driven by someone who isn’t one of its named drivers (authorised driver), your claim would have a higher chance of being rejected. A named driver is an individual — apart from the official owner of a vehicle — who is recognised as a frequent user of that vehicle in an insurance policy. Motor insurance policies commonly allow up to two named drivers per vehicle, although you can add more names in a policy by paying extra charges.


3. Not covered by the policy

Before making a claim, always ascertain the kind of coverage your motor insurance policy provides and if it specifically covers the damages you are facing. For example, some policies cover accidents but do not accept claims for fire or flood-related damages. A quick discussion with your policy provider will easily do the trick here, though you should also take note of these details when you first apply for a policy.


4. Not enough documents

If you make a claim without submitting all the required supporting documents, it will be rejected for being incomplete. Thus, prepare all the necessary documents before making the claim, including copies of driving licenses and vehicle registration cards. Consult your insurance agent for advice on this matter, or take a close look at this Motor Claims Guide by Bank Negara Malaysia.

Do remember that these reasons also highlight easy ways to increase your chances of securing a successful motor insurance claim. If your claims are still rejected despite fulfilling these criteria, you could consider using an arbitrator to resolve your financial disputes, like Bank Negara Malaysia's Ombudsman for Financial Services, which you can also read about in greater detail here!

More importantly, why not share these reasons with others or discuss them during your next Mamak session? But before anything untoward suddenly happens, make sure that you're properly insured, and head on over to our handy car insurance page to get the latest quotes right at your fingertips!

*The above article is intended for informational purposes only. Loanstreet accepts no responsibility for loss that may arise from reliance on information contained in the articles.


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