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4 Reasons Your Motor Insurance Claim Got Rejected

Philippe Andrews - 29 May 2023

Did you know the reasons why your car insurance or motorcycle insurance claim got rejected in the first place? Read on.

5 Ways To Travel Cheap During Cuti-Cuti Malaysia

Philippe Andrews - 13 Dec 2022

After all, there's nothing as sweet as a cuti-cuti in Malaysia that doesn't leave your finances in pain.

UPDATED: Which App Is Leading the Great Malaysian e-Wallet Showdown?

Philippe Andrews - 26 Oct 2021

“But... which is the best e-wallet in Malaysia?” you ask. Read on to know more.

How Much Does It Really Cost To Eat Healthily In Malaysia?

Philippe Andrews - 06 Oct 2021

With the aforementioned ‘healthy plate’ concept in mind, it’s time to take a closer look at the real issue at hand: the cost of such a plate, and[...]

The Nyonya Kuih Guide to Investing

Philippe Andrews - 01 Sep 2021

Sometimes, investing tips and tricks aren't easy to remember. That's why, we would like to help make it much easier to remember for Malaysians ev[...]

Buy Now, Pay Later: Bad News or Money-Savvy?

Philippe Andrews - 04 Mar 2021

Find out why people are into "buy now, pay later" services and if it's a good idea.

How Well Do you Know Your Geran (Land Titles)?

Philippe Andrews - 03 Feb 2021

A Land Title (geran) is the certificate you’re given by the Malaysian government through the Land Office or Land Registry. Here's what you need [...]

5 Ways To Teach Kids About Investing

Philippe Andrews - 20 Jan 2021

You’re probably a parent who is thinking about teaching your children the basics of finance and investing. Here are some ways you can use to teac[...]

MCO 2.0: Here's Why You Should Save up for a Pandemic

Philippe Andrews - 18 Jan 2021

Many of us are constantly worrying about our financial health at present due to COVID-19 pandemic. So, the question is; Do we need to save up for[...]

What Is a Macau Scam and Why Are You in Danger?

Philippe Andrews - 30 Nov 2020

The basic mechanism of a Macau Scam is a rather simple process that many of us may be more familiar with than we realise.