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Should You Get a Car Tracker or Just Rely on Your Car Insurance?

BY Helena Varkkey

Updated 18 Mar 2019

Yup! We’re 6th in the WORLD for car thefts – and NO, that’s not something we should be proud of. In case you didn’t know, there’s a HUGE market for stolen cars. They can be resold easily on the black market or stripped for parts. Some are even smuggled across the Thai border to Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam

So this is a very real problem, people.

What's covered in this article?

Aiyah, nobody wants to steal my car lah…

NOT TRUE. Even if your car is not very expensive, old, or a beaten up, this doesn’t mean thieves won’t be interested. You’d be surprised which car models are popular targets. The award for most carjacked vehicle in Malaysia goes to *drumroll please* PROTON WIRA! The Wira has held the top spot for many years now. Don’t ask us why lah, you boleh pikir sendiri. Second place goes to the Toyota Hilux pickup truck, and the humble Perodua Kancil wins the bronze medal. Basically, Protons, Toyotas, Peroduas, and Hondas are most at risk. 


OMG. So easy to steal cars meh?

Sorry, but yes. The straightforward way is, of course, breaking into a parked car, jump-starting it and driving coolly away. But that way a bit susah la, if you don’t know how to jump-start a car.

Some thieves don’t even bother learning this sly skill and resort to other tactics. This is when it gets dangerous – for YOU.
The other modus operandi is to get you to voluntarily (ok, FEARFULLY) hand over your keys. Some popular tactics include ‘accidentally’ crashing into your car, stealing your license place when you are not around then trying to return it to you, and pretending to need help on the roadside. 

When you get out of your car, they’ll ambush you and start threatening you with knives, iron rods, machetes, or other scary stuff. Police have even found SAMURAI SWORDS used as weapons, ok.


How can I stop this from happening to me?

It’s always advisable to park in a visible, well-lit place with plenty of road or foot traffic.  And when you’re driving, DON’T STOP for any suspicious activity, especially when you’re alone. When in doubt, drive straight to the nearest police station or busy petrol station. 

If they’re genuine, they’ll follow you. If not, they’ll quickly figure out that you’re on to them and lari cepat-cepat. However, in the unfortunate event that you’re caught in a carjacking situation, just give them your keys. It’s not worth your life. Seriously.  


*Sad cry* So is this goodbye?

It doesn’t have to be! One thing you can do is to invest in a car tracking device. (Of course, this must be done before the theft ye..)
Car tracking devices are basically GPS or GSM devices which allow you to track your car’s location at any time. You can usually connect the device to an app on your phone.

You have three options:

  • Pre-installed devices: Some car manufacturers offer to install their own trackers when you buy the car, for an added fee. These can be expensive (more than RM1000 usually), but guaranteed compatible with your car la.
  • Independent add-ons: This type can be expensive too. Some cost a few hundred upfronts and then charge you a monthly fee. But they’re good because they can be installed inside the body of your car so that thieves won’t know that they’re being tracked. Some of these trackers can also immobilise your vehicle! (Make sure you check first if this will void your car’s manufacturer warranty!)
  • General GPS devices: For all you broke peeps out there, you can get a general GPS tracker for less than RM100! They usually look like keychains and you can stick them anywhere on your car. However, if the thieves spot it, they can easily throw it away la. Sorry ye.

SIDE NOTE: If your car is stolen, quickly make a police report and also alert the manufacturer of your car tracker. 
We know it’s tempting, but DON’T try to go to the tracked location! Leave it to the professionals, ok!


Hmm, definitely can get my car back meh?

Of course, even the best and most expensive car tracker in the market cannot guarantee retrieval. Thieves are getting smarter nowadays – some syndicates have invented devices that can scramble tracking signals. And, even if you do get your car back, it may not be in a good condition anymore. 

That’s why, whatever it is, you still need vehicle insurance! Most insurance providers give you the option to insure your car against theft. If your car model is a popular target for theft, this should definitely be a priority. Your premium will be slightly higher with this add-on, but the peace of mind will be worth it!

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