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How Much Does Windscreen Insurance Coverage Cost in M’sia?

BY Farhana Adli

Updated 09 Dec 2022

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Have you encountered a situation where the windscreen of your car was struck by an unknown flying creature (probably little stones or pebbles) and it shattered? And then, you panicked and didn't know what to do? We got you, peeps! 

Enter windscreen insurance coverage. 

“Jap jap, first of all, what’s this windscreen insurance coverage?”. It's an add-on protection for your car windscreens on top of your current car insurance policy. That said, this add-on coverage is only available when you purchase a comprehensive plan.You may select this option when you renew car insurance and road tax online via Loanstreet.

Let’s scroll down to understand what windscreen insurance coverage is all about.

What's covered in this article?

“Which part of the windscreen is protected?” 

Good question! The windscreen insurance coverage will provide protection for: 

  • all door windows and quarter glass 

  • front windscreen

  • back/rear windscreens

  • an origin sunroof glass (not a modification sunroof)


Source: Google

Wondering how many times you can claim from the insurance? 

The answer is - ONCE per year (in a single coverage). However, there are some situations where you can claim more than once.

Let’s say you purchase windscreen insurance of RM3000 for your ‘atas people’ car and would like to fix that small crack in your front windshield which costs only RM100 (without changing the entire windscreen). After making the claim, you now have RM2,900 coverage value left for the year that you can make claims.

Do know that just because your main car insurance policy is still valid, doesn’t mean your windscreen coverage is valid too. It ends as soon as you have filed claims and reached the sum insured. To continue getting insured, you’ll have to make a new purchase.


“How much would getting windscreen coverage cost me?” 


Image source: Windscreen2U

The cost would usually be around 15% of the sum insured for your windscreen coverage value. For instance, if your car’s windscreen coverage value is RM1500, you’ll only need to pay RM225 for it. 

Take note that the insurance company will not only replace and repair the windows caused by flying stones or break-ins, but the cost of windscreen, labor charge, and often tinted solar film that you have installed as well. 

Now, let’s indulge in these two different scenarios if the cost of the windscreen replacement is RM1,500: 


Situation A: With windscreen insurance coverage

Perhaps you’ve insured your windshield for RM2,000. You don’t have to think about that sum of money because you’re eligible to make the claim without losing/changing your NCD on the car insurance policy. And the best part, you’re only paying RM225 for this coverage. Plus, you have another RM500 coverage value to use in the case of any unfortunate event. 

Situation B: Without windscreen insurance coverage

So, you might think that nothing's ever going to happen to your windshield and save yourself from paying additional RM225 on top of your car insurance premium. But, what if something happened? Then, you’d prolly have to fork out an unexpected expense of RM1,500 to get the windscreen fixed. That doesn’t sound like a win, innit?

Or maybe you decided to go the other route - which is to claim from your comprehensive car coverage and you don’t have to pay for additional coverage. Sure, that’s sweet. But, did you know there’s a risk of losing your No Claim Discount (NCD)?

Jeng, jeng, jeng. This brings us to our next point.


Yes, you can claim from your existing comprehensive car insurance, if you don’t have windscreen insurance coverage. But...

… it’ll affect your No Claim Discount (NCD). How so? 


Image source: Ingenie

You may lose your No Claim Discount (NCD) for the upcoming year. It’ll be reset to ZERO percent (0%) when you renew your car insurance. This means you lose the accumulated discounts. In the worst case, it may cost you more than what you need to pay for the additional insurance coverage. A big loss there, yes? 

But, if you’re ever caught in this kind of situation, we have some suggestions for you - depending on your NCD value.

If the NCD value for the upcoming year is: 

  • Higher, then we recommend you to pay for the windscreen replacement yourself. 

  • Lower, then it’s best to make a claim for the windscreen from your current car insurance instead.

For instance, after 4 years of not claiming from your car insurance policy, you’ve accumulated an NCD value of 38.33%. If you continue that, your NCD will increase to 45% (according to the NCD rate from Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM) Motor Tariff). Which means, if your car insurance premium is at RM2,000 then you jimat RM900 on your next renewal. But, if you make a claim for your windscreen from your comprehensive insurance policy, then the discount would be reset and go back to paying the full amount - it’s kind of a waste.

However, if your NCD value is low like 0% or 25%, and it doesn’t make much difference, it’s better to just make the claim without forking your own money.


Source: Google

What can we learn here? That it’ll cost you more if you don’t have the windscreen insurance coverage. So don’t forget to include windscreen insurance add-on coverage when purchasing your car insurance at Loanstreet. Just compare the price, customise according to your budget (because you don’t want to be over insured or underinsured) and get it done within 5 minutes je - easy peasy! 


*The above article is intended for informational purposes only. Loanstreet accepts no responsibility for loss that may arise from reliance on information contained in the articles.

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