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How to Exchange Damaged Ringgit Malaysia Banknotes?

Nisya Aziz - 28 Aug 2023

Here’s a guideline to handle damaged Malaysian Ringgit banknotes and coins, and their exchange value.

4 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Experience Kaamatan/Gawai Festival

Nisya Aziz - 30 May 2023

You die-die want to experience the harvest festival named Tadau Kaamatan or Gawai Dayak. But you don't know what to expect, right?

Bank Negara Increased OPR at 3.00%: Impacts on Malaysians

Nisya Aziz - 10 Jul 2023

You’ve heard the news - Bank Negara Malaysia decided to increase the Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) to 3.00%. But, how does OPR affect you?

6 Ways To Jimat Your Electric Bills Like Smart Consumers

Nisya Aziz - 17 Apr 2023

Here are ways you can reduce your monthly electric consumption. 

What Happens To Your Assets If You "GO" Without Leaving a Will?

Nisya Aziz - 15 Jun 2023

Most of us KNOW that we SHOULD write a will, but just never seem to actually DO so. Just in case you passed away without a will, do you know who [...]

Tax Relief YA 2022: 8 Things You Should Know When Doing e-Filing in 2023

Nisya Aziz - 27 Mar 2023

Some things for you to take note of on Tax Relief YA 2022 so that you can maximise it as much as you can!

Avoid LHDN's 300% Tax Penalty. How to Declare Income Tax (YA 2022)

Nisya Aziz - 27 Mar 2023

Did you know that you can get up to 300% tax penalty if you're caught not declaring your income tax? Here's a guide to follow if you're not sure [...]

Chinese Believe Wealth Won’t Pass 3rd Gen. Sure Onot?

Nisya Aziz - 27 Mar 2023

So the Chinese believe that wealth doesn’t pass three generations. Have you guys heard of this? Is the curse breakable?

Got Hit by an Uninsured Vehicle. How to Claim Insurance?

Nisya Aziz - 15 Feb 2023

Your car is wrecked and you're injured. But the driver that caused the accident is uninsured or has no third-party insurance coverage? What steps[...]

Renew Your Driver’s License (CDL) Online. Here’s How

Nisya Aziz - 17 Jan 2023

In case you didn’t get the memo (like admin), you can now renew your driving license online through the MYEG website.