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Ini Cara-Cara Nak Elak Dari Kena Scam Dengan Polis Palsu

Nisya Aziz - 29 Nov 2022

asib tak menyebelahi kita. Kat sini, admin ada himpunkan tip-tip i supaya korang tak terpedaya dan jadi mangsa polis palsu ni  pada masa akan datang. [...]

Malaysian Wedding Ang Pau: How Much Money Should You Fork Out?

Nisya Aziz - 29 Nov 2022

come a burden; give too little, you’ll be labelled as stingy.  Oh well, keep reading to save you the hassle of scratching your head over the amount. [...]

Road Tax Mati? Ini 7 Cara Nak Elakkan Kena Roadblock JPJ/Polis

Nisya Aziz - 24 Nov 2022

petua macam mana nak elakkan daripada kena saman dengan abang JPJ/polis. Bukannya kami nak galakkan benda ni ye, tapi kawan kami yang kongsi, tu je. [...]

14 Traffic Offences That Most M’Sians Don’t Take Seriously

Nisya Aziz - 24 Nov 2022

re also creating a safe environment for all the road users. Here we’ve gathered some traffic offences that you might or might not be familiar with.  [...]

6 Ways To Jimat Your Electric Bills Like Smart Consumers

Nisya Aziz - 24 Nov 2022

stop there, you know. Recently, most of Malaysians were slapped with higher-than-normal electricity bills by TNB - people were confused and angry. [...]

ASNB Withdrawal ONLINE: Here’s HOW!

Nisya Aziz - 23 Nov 2022

unt. You can now perform an online withdrawal of ASNB units via the myASNB portal and myASNB mobile app (available on Google Play and App Store). Yas![...]

5 Ways the Falling Ringgit Is Affecting YOU, the CONSUMER

Nisya Aziz - 21 Nov 2022

us - even better, travel domestically. #cuticutimalaysia That aside, here are 5 other ways the falling ringgit is affecting you as the consumer.  [...]

What to Do When Your Employer Doesn't Pay Your Salary on Time?

Nisya Aziz - 21 Nov 2022

can you do to get out of this mess? Below are a few scenarios that you might encounter and how to approach it using the Malaysian Employment Law.   [...]

Bank Negara Raises OPR Again (2.75%) : 4 Impacts on Malaysians

Nisya Aziz - 21 Nov 2022

s its fourth consecutive rate hike since May 2022. Image source: Bank Negara Malaysia But, how does the increase in OPR affects us Malaysians?[...]

OPR Naik Lagi (2.75%): Apa Itu OPR Bank Negara & Kesannya?

Nisya Aziz - 21 Nov 2022

menaikkan Kadar Dasar Semalaman (OPR) LAGI SEKALI sebanyak 25 mata asas kepada 2.75%. Ini dah kali ke-4 Bank Negara naikkan OPR sejak Mei 2022.   [...]