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How to Check EPF i-Account Online

BY Team Loanstreet

Updated 18 Jan 2023

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*This article was translated by Team Loanstreet from "Macam Mana Nak Check i-Akaun KWSP Secara Online".

Usually, you want to check EPF balance because you want to make/pay for a home loan, education loan and so on. The problem is, many don’t even know how much money they have in their account. On top of that, there are some us who doesn’t even look at their payslip to see how much EPF contribution they make.

Fortunately, you can now check your EPF balance online with i-Account. So don't worry about taking a half-day leave to go to the EPF office every time k.

What's covered in this article?

How to register?

1. Before you can log in, you will need to contact the EPF office at 03-89226000 and they will confirm your information. Shortly thereafter, you will receive an SMS containing your User ID and temporary password. This User ID is usually your EPF number.

2. Go to the EPF website and enter the User ID. If you’re login for the first time, you have to read the terms and conditions, set the password, enter the IC number and so on. Once done, EPF will provide a link to activate your i-Account. That's it!


How to check EPF balance? 


1. Login to the i-Account with the User ID and Password you have set.
2. Go to “My Account” or “Akaun Peribadi”
3. In the Statements section, select the most recent year (usually selected) and press 'Search'.

4. You can see your EPF balance for Account 1 and Account 2.

How to check your EPF balance on your smartphone?


Besides the website, you can also download the EPF i-Account app on your smartphone. 
Once installed, you can log in with your account information and any remaining accounts will be displayed. 


With this information, you can know how much money you can spend for various purposes such as home loan repayments, education loans, pilgrimage and so on.

You can read more about the types of EPF withdrawals in this article: Covid-19 & 7 Other Things You Can Use Your EPF for

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