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Pelaburan Kripto & Perdagangan: Halal Atau Haram?

Team Loanstreet - 03 Dec 2022

anda, terutamanya saudara-saudara Islam kita, yang masih ragu-ragu sama ada pelaburan atau perdagangan kripto ini memenuhi hukum Syariah atau tidak. [...]

Latest Petrol Price Update RON95, RON97 & Diesel in Malaysia

Team Loanstreet - 30 Nov 2022

efore we elaborate on this statement, let’s check out this week’s petrol price. Don’t forget to bookmark this post as it will be updated every week! [...]


Team Loanstreet - 30 Nov 2022

RON97 masih lagi terapung.  Jangan risau, kami akan update harga minyak terkini setiap minggu. Korang boleh lah bookmark artikel ni awal-awal.   [...]

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Divorce in Malaysia?

Team Loanstreet - 29 Nov 2022

u end up spending when filing for a divorce is likely to be HEFTY. Here’s a look at all that you need to know of getting a divorce in Malaysia. [...]

Best Fixed Deposit Promos Malaysia 2022 [Updated Weekly]

Team Loanstreet - 29 Nov 2022

enure, the higher the interest rate is given.  NOTE: Should there be an Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) change, the Promotional Rate may be revised.  [...]

Promo Simpanan Tetap (FD) Terbaik Malaysia 2022

Team Loanstreet - 29 Nov 2022

garuhi kadar faedah - lagi lama tempoh pelaburan, lagi tinggi kadar faedah yang korang dapat.  Apa tunggu lagi, jom kita check promo yang ada!  [...]

Top Performing Unit Trust Funds in Malaysia 2022!

Team Loanstreet - 29 Nov 2022

the short term or long term. Below, depending on your objective, you will find the best performing unit trust funds to invest and grow your money.   [...]

Tabung Unit Amanah Terbaik kat M’sia, 2022!

Team Loanstreet - 29 Nov 2022

ada korang nak melabur untuk jangka masa panjang atau pendek. Sebagai panduan, ni dia unit amanah berprestasi terbaik untuk korang mula melabur! [...]

Crypto Investment & Trading: Halal or Haram?

Team Loanstreet - 03 Dec 2022

cies these recent years. That said, some of you, especially our Muslim friends, may be wondering if crypto investment or trading is Shariah compliant.[...]

How Much Money Is Needed for a Marriage Proposal?

Team Loanstreet - 24 Nov 2022

several proposal ideas and a breakdown of costs for the items needed. Nevertheless, the figures presented below are based on rough estimations.    [...]