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Are You Considered Financially Safe on the Road?

BY Team Loanstreet

Updated 08 Jul 2021

Did you know that Malaysia has the 17th most dangerous road in the world? Just thought we'd open with that liner. Accidents happen almost as often as the common flu. Heck, there are even people who look out for accidents as their full-time job (more commonly found in the Klang Valley).

So what can you, a (hopefully) responsible and careful driver, do to protect yourself and your loved ones? Why, sign up for a good insurance plan so that you're not caught off-guard!

What's covered in this article?

What does your motor insurance cover in Malaysia?

The criteria for choosing the correct motor insurance should be similar to selecting your motor vehicle. It needs to fit your lifestyle and be within budget. Below are 3 types of insurances in Malaysia:

Are you financially safe on the road?


With car insurance

From the table above, we can know that most of the people buy “Comprehensive” type insurance. So, we will assume the insured having “Comprehensive” type insurance for the following example.

Are you financially safe on the road?

For your information, Non-Claim Discount is a discount given to the policyholders upon renewal of their motor insurance if no claim is made or arises from the policy for a continuous coverage of 12 months. The discount given is based on a fixed rate provided by Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM) Motor Tariff.

Are you financially safe on the road?

*Do take note that when you are buying car insurance, make sure that you are not under-insured. In other words, you need to insure your vehicle based on the market value of your vehicle at the time of renewal or commencement of your motor policy. This value is also called the sum insured of your vehicle in your motor policy.

If you are under-insured, the average clause will be applied at the time of any loss or damage. You shall bear the difference and the rateable proportion of the loss when the market value of your vehicle at the time of loss exceeds the insured value by 10%.


Without insurance

Are you financially safe on the road?



Having said that, car insurance is not only important but compulsory in Malaysia. So make sure you always do your research before you purchase an insurance plan. Head on over to our handy car insurance page to get the latest quotes right at your fingertips!

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