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What it Covers?

Legal Cost
Covers lawyers fee, doesn't include any form of penalty charges.
Up to RM 2,000
Covers damage to the vehicle due to accidents, mechanical breakdown, or wear and tear.
Fire, Explosion or Lightning
Protects from damages caused by fire, explosions and lightning.
Burglary, Housebreaking or Theft
Covers from any misfortunes caused by burglary, housebreaking or theft.
Falling Objects
Covers any damages caused by falling objects.
Vandalism or Malicious Acts
Covers damage to your car due to malicious acts by third party.
Bodily Injury of Third Party
Covers your liabilities in any occurrence of bodily injuries to the third party.
Death of Third Party
Covers your liabilities in any event that causes death to the third party.
Extra windshield and sunroof protection
This is an additional coverage to your existing windshield and sunroof.
Special Perils
Covers damages caused by natural disasters like hurricane, typhoon, flood and other convulsions.
Legal Liability to Passengers
Covers legal expenses if you face legal action from your passengers.
Strike, Riot and Civil Commotion
Covers damages due to unlawful and domestic disturbance.
Vehicle accessories
Covers vehicle accessories like stereos, compact disc player, dashboard camera, etc.
Personal Accident Insurance
Protects both driver and passengers in the vehicle.
Up to RM 175,000
Water Damage Cover
Get reimbursement for towing and cleaning your vehicle due to flood.
Up to RM 5,000