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Compare Annual Plan Travel Insurance in Malaysia 2024

Do you travel more than twice in a year? Get an annual travel insurance and save up to 20%. Buy online now and travel worry-free!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

An annual travel insurance plan are for those who are frequent flyers in a year. For example, if you travel 3 or 4 times a year, it is better to get an annual travel insurance plan. This is because buying an annual travel insurance plan will cost less compared to buying a single trip travel insurance plan everytime you travel.

An annual travel insurance policy will normally cover:

  • Personal accident benefits such as accidental death or permanent disablement

  • Medical benefits such as medical expenses reimbursement, medical evacuation, child care benefit, compassionate visit and etc.

  • Travel inconvenience benefits such as trip cancellation, loss of baggage & personal effects, baggage delay, travel delay, and atc.

  • Personal liability

  • Home care benefits

  • Travel assistance services

However, not all annual travel insurance policy provides the same coverage. It is best to make sure you get all the coverage you will need since you will travel frequently. In order to do that, consult with your travel insurance agent or read the terms and conditions provided by the insurance company.

Different annual travel insurance policy has a different premium cost depending on certain criterias such as:

  • Which country do you want to be covered in

  • How much coverage do you want

  • Do you want coverage only for yourself, you and your spouse, or with your family

Your annual travel insurance policy will cover you at any place depending on which countries has been stated in the policy. If one of the countries that you will be visiting in the same trip is not stated in the annual travel insurance policy you have purchased, you are required to buy a separate insurance which includes that excluded country. For example, if you will be travelling to US and Canada soon, but you previously purchased a worldwide annual insurance policy which excludes US and Canada, then you will have to buy another insurance policy which will cover you in US and Canada.

An annual travel insurance policy will give you coverage for a year starting from the day you purchased the policy until the expiry date. However, every trip in the year must not exceed 90 consecutive days, otherwise the policy will not cover you.

You can cancel your insurance policy by giving a written notice to your respective insurance company. You may also be entitled to receive a premium refund depending on when you have made the cancellation and the unused period of cover.