Citi Cash Back Card

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Enjoy up to 10% cash back on all your purchases with no minimum spend!

Citi Cash Back Card
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*Citi Credit Card Online Cash Back Promotion Terms And Conditions Apply

Product Highlights

Cash back
Up to 10% Cash Back

Earn up to 10% Cash Back on dining, groceries, petrol and GRAB rides. Unlimited 0.2% Cash Back on other retail spends. No minimum Cash Back accumulation required.

Citibank World Privileges

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20 days Interest-Free Period

Pay zero interest for retail transactions if payment is made within 20 days (only if all retail transactions for the previous month are paid for by the due date).


Cash Back

Cash back
Cash Back Category Cash back Rate Monthly Cap Spend
Groceries 2% RM 30 Up to RM1,500
Petrol 5% RM 15 Any amount monthly
Pharmaceutical 2% Uncapped Any amount 
Telco 2% Uncapped Any amount in a single receipt
Other retail 0.2% Uncapped Any amount

Balance Transfer

Balance transfer
Pay Over With Interest Rate At When You Transfer
9 months 2.99% p.a. with no one time upfront handling fee RM 1,000

Fees and Charges

Annual fee RM120 but waived when you swipe 3 times within 60 days of approval.
Annual Fee for Supplementary Card RM 60
Mininum monthly payment RM50 or 5% of outstanding amount
Late payment fee RM10 or 1% of outstanding amount, up to maximum of RM100
Cash withdrawal fee RM21.20 or 5.30% of withdrawn amount, whichever is higher
Interest rate on cash withdrawals 18%

Interest Rate

15% Interest Rate Per Annum Tier 1: Cardholders with prompt payments of less than or equal to 50% of outstanding balance for 12 consecutive months
17% Interest Rate Per Annum Tier 2: Cardholders with prompt payments for 10 months or more in last 12 months.
18% Interest Rate Per Annum Tier 3: Cardholders who do not fall under the above categories.


Minimum Annual Income RM 36,000
Minimum Age For Primary Card 21 years old
Minimum Age For Supplementary Card 18 years old