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Looking for a New Postpaid Plan? Check These Telcos Comparison First

BY Team Loanstreet

Updated 14 Apr 2023

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We all know that our internet speed has always been rather ‘meh’. But, how come our neighbour, Singapore, has the 2nd fastest internet speed in the world?  Being true Malaysians, who can be triggered easily, made us a little bit kiasu, “How come they can have a fast internet connection but Malaysia cannot?” And, this makes us wonder, “Is it worth the price we pay?” 

So today, we’re going to flip this issue inside out by comparing which telco gives THE BEST postpaid plan in terms of price, benefits, speed, coverage and users’ opinions. Who do you think will hold the championship title, will it be UMobile? DiGi? Will it be newcomers like Unifi or YES? How about the OG Maxis and Celcom? 

So, let the battles begin!

What's covered in this article?

How much do you have to pay for the internet?

POSTPAID PLAN PRICE RM40 (20GB) - RM75 (Unlimited) RM38 (60GB) - RM98 (1TB) RM40 (30GB) - RM135 (135GB)   RM78 (60GB) - RM188 (120GB) RM39 (30GB) - RM89 (Unlimited 5G + 4G)   RM58 (Unlimited 5G + 4G) - RM178 (Unlimited 5G + 4G)
AVERAGE PRICE PER 1GB RM2.00 -   RM0.63 - RM0.10 RM1.33 - RM1.00  RM1.30 - RM1.57  RM9.50 - RM5.90  -
UNLIMITED DATA POSTPAID PLAN PRICE Starting at RM35 Starting at RM25 Starting at RM40 - Starting at RM35 Starting at RM30

*Comparison for special plans are not included

Which telco do you think is the best, UMobile or Celcom?

If we look at the package comparison above, we can see that the average price per GB for Celcom is the most expensive. But, if you look at it at a glance, it feels cheap - they have plans for as low as RM40 for 20GB of internet. And, if we calculate the average price per GB, people charge RM2.00 for 1GB. Expensive!

Well, choose YES Infinite! Although it seems expensive, but that is the most worthwhile postpaid plan. Pay only RM58, but get unlimited internet!

So, if you ask Min, in terms of price, Yes Infinite has the most value.

Want to see the full Yes Infinite postpaid plan? Okay, you can click here.

How about the postpaid telco speed?

Image source: Open Signal

Didn't see this coming, huh? Well, this is a REAL report from Open Signal, okay.

As you can see, among all the telco companies in Malaysia, Digi #1 is the fastest (average download speed 20.5Mbps). Second, Maxis (19.2Mbps) and UMobile fell to the bronze medal (12.8Mbps).

Although not able to enter the top 3, Unifi (12.5Mbps) and Yes (10.9Mbps) are not bad either! Just a tiny bit slower than the second runner up. So, still usable if you want to download movies or update games (nowadays games are all chunky, right!).

But, as you can see, Celcom is the worst! No wonder so many Celcom users are complaining about their slow internet. Apparently, it is proven to have the lowest download speed.

So, if you compare with the price above, even though Celcom looks like it's worth it, it's slow speed (even though now Celcom is recognized as the best mobile network in Malaysia). His speed used to be okay, it's a mystery because people only have internet substations

So in the download speed category, Digi wins!

Don't forget about the telco coverage rate.

"But Admin, what does internet speed have to do with coverage?"

Meh Admin explain...

This thing is important if you don't want to line up with someone who likes to be rowdy. Before choosing a telco, make sure that the telco has a strong line in the area of ​​your home, office and village. It's not like this sister's case:


To avoid this kind of situation happens to you, we have compiled coverage maps for every telco. 



Image source: nperf

UMobile's coverage used to only focus on the west coast of the Peninsula. But, now there is coverage near the east coast, it's just not as powerful as the west coast. For Sabah and Sarawak, Admin suggests that you choose another telco lah.



Image source: nperf

Celcom power! Really big coverage, covering the peninsula and also in Sabah and Sarawak. What Admin can say, this is the safest telco for you to use, especially for those of you who like to travel around Malaysia looking for food.



Image source: nperf

Digi is not bad either! As you can see, even though DiGi's coverage is more concentrated in the Klang Valley area in the Peninsula, its coverage is also okay in urban areas in other states. It's the same if it's near Sabah and Sarawak. Those of you who live in urban areas will get better coverage than rural areas.




Image source: nperf

Maxis is more or less like Celcom. It's just that Maxis' coverage isn't as big as Celcom's, and it's not as concentrated as Digi. And since 2018, people have managed to provide more than 90% lines for users all over Malaysia. However, this is just an estimate. As we know, the coverage rate also depends on the shape of the earth, the type of phone and system limits.




Image source: nperf


Unifi is unfortunately a bit disappointing. Coverage is very small. Although his line is near big cities all over Malaysia, you will be stressed when you return home. In rural areas, Unifi does not have coverage. Unless you have a hometown near KL or a big city, then you can consider Unifi.


Image source: nperf

YES is the same with Unifi. Although it uses 5G technology, its line coverage is not wide. If you're near an urban area, you'll be happy with fast internet. But, that's it if you go back to the village, even if you want to send WhatsApp, you have to wait 10 minutes. So, if you are the type who likes to travel, or live in rural areas, you don't have to choose YES.

Phew, it's like studying geography, looking at all these maps!

So, here Admin's suggestion, in terms of line coverage, Celcom gets the gold medal.


But, what is point of wide line coverage if the 4G line is not consistent?


Image source: Open Signal

Okay, now that you know about the area that has coverage, now you have to know about the strength of the coverage. It's easy to understand, the bigger the coverage, the faster the internet. That's why everyone is racing to get 4G/LTE coverage.

Although now the Malaysian telco has started to make a 5G line, but we will put that aside for now. The reason is, if you want to get a 5G line, you have to change the type of phone that supports 5G (such as iPhone, Huawei Mate, etc.). And, like the YES line, you have to change the simcard again.

So, because the Admin wants to make this info more inclusive, so we'll just compare the 4G line, ok.

If you want to choose a telco, you have to choose a telco that can provide 4G/LTE coverage consistently. If you follow the chart above, we can see that Celcom (9.1), Digi (8.5) and Maxis (8.5) have the highest level of 4G availability. Unifi (6.9) and YES (6.9) are tied, being at the bottom of the five telcos.

So, if you want a stable and consistent line anytime, anywhere, choose Celcom!

Extra point, what other users say about these telcos?


Now that we've explored all the aspects of telcos, now we focus on the user experience. Do you really want to know what these telcos are offering?

Admin wants to start with UMobile. UMobile is famous for its offline issue. If you look at social media, many other users are complaining about the same issue. Not only that, if there are any technical problems/issues, this telco will almost the time, ignore it.

Image source: Twitter

Next up, Maxis! You're done because this telco is the most popular. From what the admin has heard from people around him, his internet is usually only ounce, there aren't many problems. But, if you remember, in the past, many people said that this telco likes to siphon off customers' money in silence and now they say, Maxis' customer service is also not of good quality.

Well, if the admin is not mistaken, DiGi used to have the same problem as Maxis. Remember not long ago there was a brother who went berserk at the DiGi office until he broke the window with a golf club. The admin is not sure if the same issue is still there because now, the average complaint that the admin hears is that this telco has a signal strength problem. Okay for a moment, not for another.

Unifi has always had internet problems from before until now. Many say it is slow and not as promised. If you look at Unifi's Facebook, you can't stand many dissatisfied comments.

When talking about Celcom, the admin heard the same issue; CRAZY EXPENSIVE. Maybe because Celcom's target customers are wealthy people like those who are already working? Even though it is expensive, one thing about telco that the admin likes is that if there is a problem/disruption/technical issue, they will inform the user directly (not all telco do this!). For example:

Do you see? This is what we want as loyal customer (Cc: UMobile). Isn’t that right?

YES how is it? Well, as we saw above, the 4G line coverage is not great. So, that is the main problem of YES. He had that bad, until there was an article condemning the YES service. He said, customer service did not help. And, if you look at their Facebook, many users say that the line will be interrupted if they are in tall buildings or shopping malls. So, that's one of his weaknesses.

So, which one wins?

If we look at the reviews, Celcom rarely has complaints about the line, only the price is expensive. Other telco lines, there are users who are not satisfied with the phone line suddenly disappearing or the issue of 'sucking money'. So, we can say, Celcom won again in this category.

So, which telco wins?

Celcom lah...duh. 

Before you activate your keyboard warrior mode and scold us on Facebook, it’s better if you hear our reasons first: 

The first reason is that even though Celcom's plan looks expensive because it starts at RM80, you have to look at the number of GBs provided and the average price per GB. Although on average, UMobile is the most economical, but Celcom is the second most economical.

Image source: Sarawakvoice

One more thing, Malaysia belongs to the group that uses the internet a lot (heavy user data group). According to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (SKMM), internet users increased significantly in 2020 (88.7%) from 2018 (87.4%) - up 1.3%. The majority are all for communication, social media and watching videos.

So, if we take into account the lifestyle of Malaysians, Celcom is actually very suitable. Although Celcom's download speed is not as fast as Digi or Maxis, its internet is more consistent than other telcos. The 4G/LTE network is also one of the top-tier!

For Admin, it's better that way! It's better to have stable internet in any part of Malaysia than a super fast internet but flakes everywhere else.

With Celcom, you play Genshin Impact smoothly, without getting stuck. Netflix stream is still on! If you drive from Johor to Kelantan, there line is always power.

Sumber imej: Nikkei Asia

The third reason is that we, as users, confirm that we want top-notch customer service, right? Admin thinks Celcom prioritizes the quality of its customer service. The proof is that if there is a disruption/technical issue, Celcom will inform the user as soon as possible.

It may be true that the price of the Celcom plan is not as affordable as other telcos, but isn't the main purpose of us subscribing to this postpaid plan because we want to get Internet quota that is worth the price? So, Admin thinks, it's better to pay more as long as you get good Internet service, coverage, quota and customer service.

How are you?

Share with your friends and family. Look what people say. Maybe someone has used Celcom before? Try asking people's testimonials.

*The above article is intended for informational purposes only. Loanstreet accepts no responsibility for loss that may arise from reliance on information contained in the articles.

Disclaimer: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to the author, and not necessarily to the author's employer, organisation, committee or other group or individual.




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