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M’sian COVID-19 Vaccine Compensation Might Not Be Enough for All

Updated 29 Apr 2022 – By Faiz Rahim

Faiz Rahim

Have you registered to get the COVID-19 vaccine? If not, what are you waiting for? Busy is it??

According to our Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Khairy Jamaluddin kan, 22% of 32.7 million Malaysians (as of 29 March) have registered. And, 1.77% of those who registered have been vaccinated. Sounds like a lot of people, but we aren’t even halfway done...

While waiting to get vaccinated, you can see more and more insurance providers are offering post-vaccine insurances. Why? 

Well, we’re pretty sure you’ve heard that the vaccine has side effects like tiredness, headache, muscle pain, chills, fever, nausea and the worst-case scenario would be swelling lymph nodes, rare blood clots and death (touch wood).

Jeng, jeng, jeng!


Responding to this matter, the Malaysian gahmen has allocated RM10 million for the Special Financial Aid for Severe Adverse Covid-19 Effects.

Here are the two types for the compensation scheme:
  • RM50,000 if you’ve serious side effects that require prolonged hospital treatment
  • RM500,000 if you’ve got a permanent disability or die due to the Covid-19 vaccine

Meanwhile, our neighbour, Singapore, also has the same initiative as well. They will give out a one-time payout of SG$10,000 (*RM30,842.93) to those who experienced serious side effects, hospitalised and required care. And, SG$225,000 (*RM693,965.94) for those who suffered permanent disability and death. 

*Exchange rate as of 7 April 2021.


Wah, that’s a lot of money. But, is the compensation enough or not?

Logically, the math doesn’t make sense.  

Hear us out - our Health Director-General said that only 4 people in one million who received the COVID-19 vaccines developed side effects. Based on our population (32.7 million) and assuming all get vaccinated, that’s around 130 people.  

Let's say 20 people out of the 130 got permanently disabled or passed away - that RM10 million would just go ‘poof’. This doesn’t even include those that experienced serious side effects that require prolonged hospital treatment yet.

Worst case scenario, if there are more people to get serious side effects and gahmen don’t have enough money, what will happen then? 

As of 31 March, there are 25,770 reports of side effects from 580,765 who had received the vaccine - which is a BIG DIFFERENCE from the 4 people in one million that our Health DG said previously. Without a doubt, the allocation would’ve been finished if 200 people of the reported cases have serious side effects and need prolonged care.

We’ve heard cases from the United Kingdom that there are 30 cases of rare blood clots allegedly linked to the vaccine, where 7 of them have died.  

Assuming the same happens in Malaysia (hopefully not!), our gahmen will spend RM50,000 each to 23 people and RM500,000 for 7 people. Here’s the calculation:

RM50,000 x 23 = RM1,150,000
RM500,000 x 7 = RM3,500,000
RM10 million - (RM1.15 million + RM3.5 million) = RM5.35 million

As you can see, it just takes 30 people to use nearly half of the allocation for the compensation scheme. Add another 30 people more, the allocation will be zero.  

Although YES, the gahmen can just increase the allocation but to what extent? How long till it gets added and most importantly, how easy is the claim process? Honestly, it’s not a good move to add the budget every time it’s been used. Simply put, it’s just not enough.

Not to mention, the scheme is only for those that have serious side effects. If it’s minor, you'll have to pay it yourself lah for the check-up, medication and all. If you’re eligible, you’ll have to go through three different committees to be approved so that the National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA) can pay. That’s kinda mafan, don’t you think? And, let’s be real, we all know how slow the process can be when it comes to the gahmen department.


Okaylah, if the gahmen’s compensation isn’t enough for everyone (touch wood)... How much should you pay?

Those that aren’t eligible, for sure need to fork out their money to pay the treatment and hospital cost. Not to mention, some would even lose their daily source of incomes (which is a no-no!).  

For example, a one-day stay at Hospital Shah Alam would go from RM3 to RM120, RM160 to RM320 if you’re non-Malaysian. This doesn’t include the treatment cost per day, which is from free-of-charge to RM15, RM100 per day if you’re not a citizen.

Let's say you need to stay at the hospital for a week. Here’s the calculation: 

If you’re a Malaysian,

Treatment cost: RM15 x 3 days = RM45
Hospital cost: RM40 x 4 days = RM160
The total cost is RM45 + RM160 = RM205

If you’re a non-Malaysian,

Treatment cost: RM100 x 3 days = RM300
Hospital cost: RM180 x 4 days = RM720
The total cost is RM300 + RM720 = RM1,020

Do note that this is the calculation for a gahmen hospital. A private hospital will surely cost an arm and a leg (a lot more!). All good if you’ve money to spend but what if you don’t?  

Okay, you might have health insurance… but does your policy include the COVID-19 post-vaccine coverage? 


That’s why it’s better if you’ve COVID-19 vaccine insurance!

Well, why spend hundreds when you can just get protected with a little money kan?  

Just like how insurance providers come out with coverage to protect you while getting quarantined and/or COVID-19, they also have products to guard you after taking the vaccine. 

If you’re looking for one, here’s Zurich’s Z-eCoVac Protect (first come, first serve!). With just a premium price of RM18 (only pay once), this product is the COVID-19 post-vaccination package that’ll protect you in the event of disablement or death.  

Another good thing is that this product is a 'stand-alone'. This means you can buy this product even though you don't have health insurance with Zurich. Isn't that great?

However, you need to keep in mind that the period of coverage starts 30 days after receiving the first dose. As for the claim, you’ll need to give written notice within 14 days of the incident to the insurer. The benefits will include: 

  • RM8,000 in the case of accidental death and permanent disability
  • RM8,000 for COVID-19 post-vaccination death
  • RM1,500 for COVID-19 post-vaccination inconvenience benefit

Yeah, it’s not as much as the gahmen’s compensation scheme but let’s face it, you’ll never know how you would react to the vaccine. You also don’t know for certain whether you can get the compensation or not. 

Hence, it’s very important to ensure that you’ll be protected from any side effects whether it’s from the virus, vaccine or even financially wise. In a way, you’re also lessening your fear and increasing your confidence.

Like that Mat Salleh proverb, prevention is better than cure.  If you keen to know more about Zurich’s Z-eCoVac Protect, click here!



*The above article is intended for informational purposes only. Loanstreet accepts no responsibility for loss that may arise from reliance on information contained in the articles.

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