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COVID-19: Forced Unpaid Leaves? Get Your RM600 Financial Aid!

Updated 20 Mar 2020 – By Nisya Aziz

This COVID-19 situation is going bat crazy, restricted movement order has been announced (although some are just plain stubborn), less human connection, business not doing well, people losing income and there are people who are forced to take UNPAID LEAVES. 

Are you one of them? Thankfully - you guys are lucky, there’s a solution. Here’s how you can get RM600 financial aid from SOCSO. This move is aligned with the Employment Retention Program (ERP) under the Economic Stimulus Package 2020 (PRE2020). 

So, what are the requirements for the application?

ERP provides temporary financial assistance of RM600 per month for a maximum of 6 months to any employee and employer who meets the following eligibility criteria: 
  • All private sector employers who employ workers including part-time and registered employees and are currently contributing to the Employment Insurance System (EIS) with a monthly salary of RM4,000 and below are eligible for the ERP Program.
  • Retired workers, employees in the public sector, self-employed (without employers) including freelancers, foreign workers and tradesmen AREN’T COVERED under the ERP program. Sorry!
  • The period of ERP coverage will start once the employers issued unpaid leaves (CTG) notice to employees from 1 March 2020 until a date to be set by SOCSO.

Other IMPORTANT things you need to know to qualify...

  • The rate of payment of financial assistance depends on the period of CTG's initial notice. For example, if the CTG’s start date is one month following the end date of the CTG, a flat rate of RM600 per month will be paid to each employee involved. So, if the CTG's initial notice period is two (2) months from the date the CTG expires, you'll be paid RM1,200.
  • The amount of eligibility for each application for the CTG commencement notice period is between 1 month and a maximum of 6 months depending on the CTG commencement notice issued by the employer either in a row or consecutive.
  • Employers who have received monthly ERR payments from SOCSO are obliged to credit the RM600 monthly payment to the employees' bank account within 7 days from the date the money was received.
  • Employers who submit any false, untrue or misleading information to SOCSO or the employer who fails to provide such monthly payments to the employee may result in the subsequent application being suspended and legal action taken against the employer.

And, how to apply?

Okay, each application must be submitted online. But, if wanna submit to any SOCSO office also can (eh, stay home can onot?). Take note that this needs to be done by the employer on behalf of the employee involved - go nudge your boss k because your employer is responsible for distributing the RM600 monthly payment to you (the affected employee).

Your employer must submit a complete application through ERR Application Form C-19 and attach a mandatory document of the CTG Notice letter containing the list of employees involved

Employee list should contain the following details:
  • Employee’s full name 
  • Citizenship identification card number (KPPPN No)
  • Job title
  • Last salary information 
  • Email and telephone number to contact
Submission of the ERR C-19 Employment Retention Program can be made via email starting from 20 March 2020.


Go forth and claim that RM600, it is a trying time indeed...

So far, these are pieces of information that we can gather. If you know anything, don't hesitate to nudge us and we’ll include the info shared in this article. 

Oh, you can also get more information on SOCSO’s site. Or if that’s not helping, please call its Customer Service Line, 1-300-22-8000, submit your inquiry via email to OR submit a complaint/inquiry via

SIDE NOTE: More information on the Employment Retention Program (ERP) for employees who have been given unpaid leave notice as a result of the Covid-19 transmission will be updated from time to time.
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