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SOCSO Will Give You Money When You're on MC. How to Claim?

BY Nisya Aziz

Updated 27 Dec 2022

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SOCSO - we’ve seen it on our pay slip every month. But do you actually know what's the benefit of your SOCSO contribution?

Well, if you’re 60 years old and below, you’re required to contribute to both Employment Injury Scheme and Invalidity Scheme, while those who are over 60 only contribute to the Invalidity Scheme.

So, we kinda know (roughly) that it will provide social security protections from emergencies and injuries, but what exactly can you claim for? Here are three claims that are covered under SOCSO.

What's covered in this article?

1. Receive financial aid when you’re temporarily jobless

A lot of companies in Malaysia (since the pandemic) are retrenching their employees due to change in business direction. For example, back in September, the Ecommerce titan Shopee has slashed jobs in Malaysia due to the scale and size of the exercise.

So, if you unfortunately lose a job, do keep in mind that SOCSO will be there to support you (RM600 for 3 months) while you’re looking for a job. It will also provide you training and assist you to get potential job replacement.

This covered under the Employment Insurance Scheme (EIS), which came into effect on 1 January 2018. We hope you realised that you’ve been paying it monthly (check your payslip). 

Take note that this doesn't apply if you voluntarily resigned or stopped working because of contract termination.

2. If you die, your family will get sums of money


Not to be morbid, but we never know when things like this can happen.

If you die (touch wood) during working hours, your family will be paid a maximum sum of RM2,000 (Funeral Benefit). This is good because, for some of us, dying isn’t cheap. We’ve talked about this before in our previous article - Malaysia vs Singapore: How Expensive Is It To Die?

Besides that, your family can also claim Survivor’s Pension. And of course, it comes with its terms and conditions.

For example, if you leave a spouse, he/she will receive 60% of the daily income of the deceased throughout his/her life. What if you don’t have a spouse or children? Then your parents will receive 40% of the income.

3. Get free medical treatment when you met an accident during working hours


Imagine this: You’re driving happily in the morning to work, it’s a good day and out of nowhere, a van hit your car - BAM! Your head banged on the dashboard and started bleeding.

Guess what? SOCSO can also aid you by giving free medical treatment at any registered clinic panel

Within the Employment Injury Scheme, you’re eligible to claim for free medical treatment for any injuries or accidents when:

  • you travel from home to work
  • you commute for work purposes e.g. meet a client or make a delivery
  • you travel between your workplace and the place you go for a lunch break (authorised recess)

That being said, you’ll need to make the payment first and then claim it later using the BGB form (Bayaran Ganti Belanja)

On top of that, you can also get Temporary Disablement benefit when you’re on MC not less than 4 days including the day of the accident. Yes, you read that right. You’ll get 80% of your daily wage.

However, you’ll NOT be paid for the days you are supposed to work.

Don't waste these benefits!

Again, many of us have overlooked the power of our SOCSO contributions on our pay slip. We hope with this article, it can shed some light on the SOCSO claims you might not know, and fully utilise the benefits (because you’re paying for it anyway, why let it go to waste?).

To check how much should your current employer contribute to SOCSO and the amount paid, visit HERE.

If your employer didn't make contributions, you need to have a talk with your HR. The company could face up to an RM5,000 fine or further prosecution under the Employees’ Social Security Act 1969. Yup, it’s that serious, people!

*The above article is intended for informational purposes only. Loanstreet accepts no responsibility for loss that may arise from reliance on information contained in the articles.


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