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Boss, How Much Does It Cost to Get a Car/Motorcycle Licence?

BY Nisya Aziz

Updated 07 Dec 2022

Nowadays, everything is getting more expensive, including getting that freedom-enabling piece of plastic card we called driver’s license. Without it, commuting around can be tough - especially those who are staying in a jin tendang area, where public transport is almost non-existence. Takkan we want to drive/ride around without license pulak, kan?  If accident (touch wood), CANNOT claim insurance because you don't have a valid license - summore kena saman. 

If you’re one of those people who are looking for this kind of penyakit, please lah find a corner and reflect yourself. It’s not that expensive, you know. If you’re not that ATAS, can slowly-slowly gather money. Not sure how much? Sokay, that’s why you’re reading this article. Because you must’ve been wondering...

What's covered in this article?

“Is it expensive to get a car/motorcycle license?”

FYI, the Driving Institute's Licensing Committee (JKPIM) ​​under the management of the Road Transport Department of Malaysia (JPJ) has already set the ceiling price for driver's license prices. But, there aren't many driving institutes that are following these prices.

Let’s take a look at the price differences...

Car & Motorcycle License Prices
Category Class Ceiling price *Driving Institute Price (Estimation)
Motorcycle not exceeding 250 cc B2 RM350 RM350 - RM500
Motorcycle not exceeding 500 cc B RM900 RM900 - RM1,100
Manual transmission car D RM1,150 RM1,150 - RM1,300
Automatic transmission car DA RM1,250 RM1,250 - RM1,500
*These are just estimated prices based on surveys that we did. The prices may exceed the estimated cost as it depends on the additional services charged by the driving institute.

So far, JPJ seems okay with the prices set by the Driving Institute, as long as it doesn’t cut throat…

Image source: Metro Driving Academy

Based on JPJ’s FAQ page:

“Road Transport Department (JPJ) do not set the price to learn to drive at any Driving Institute. As a learner driver candidate, it is the sole responsibility of the candidate to make a comparison in terms of price and quality of services offered several Driving Institutes prior to making the decision to learn to drive at any Driving Institute.”

Meanwhile, according to a report by, JPJ Deputy Director (Operations), Datuk Ahmad Ahmadirir Wan Sulaiman shared, "Driving Institutions should not charge more than the ceiling price, but based on the survey made, the price is higher due to the additional charges imposed by the institution".

He added that this additional charge is usually imposed when the driving school needs to pick up and send the student (you) to places. But, the Driving Institutes need to show the price breakdown in the receipt.

Image source: Free Malaysia Today

Our Transport Minister Anthony Loke, has already warned the Driving Institutes about this matter. He said: 

“Consumers have the right to know what they paid for. The driving institute may collect additional fees such as commuting from home to institute but it is an option only, and the service must be displayed on the receipt. The driving institute cannot force students to take a designated package.

"For those who violate this rule, I will not hesitate to revoke the Driving Institue license, which will need to be renewed every year.

In short, make a wise choice. If you feel that the price way too high, ditch that Driving Institute and look for others. You can also make a complaint to

Good luck!

p.s. For those who already have the license and car/motorcycle, if you want to renew your motorcycle or car insurance, together with road tax, can just CLICK HERE.

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