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Apply for Standard Chartered MortgageOne™ by Standard Chartered

A flexible loan that saves you time and money. Interest rates as low as 2.85% p.a*. T&C Apply.

Standard Chartered MortgageOne™-standard-chartered

Product Details

Interest rate

Interest Rate

Financing Amount Property Type Interest Rate
Minimum RM 70,000 * Non-Zero Cost - completed and undercon property BR + 0.58% to BR + 0.98% depending on loan amount, segment etc. 
Minimum RM 300,000 *Zero Cost - completed property only BR + 0.98%  
RM 70K for Non-Zero Cost & 
RM 200K for Zero Cost
Refinancing for Debt Consolidation: Non-Zero Cost** and Zero Cost [Completed property only] BR + 1.48% Non Zero Cost
BR + 1.68% Zero Cost 

*Zero Cost means Standard Chartered Bank will bear all legal, stamp duty and property valuation fees of the home loan for you. 
**Minimum property value = RM 500K
Fees n charges

Fees and Charges

Late Payment Fees
Late Payment Fees:
1% p.a. calculated on a daily rests basis on the amount in arrears
Termination Fees
Termination Fees:
2.25% of the total Facility(ies) amount approved for Zero Cost packages or  
0.5% of the total Facility(ies) amount approved for other packages."                
Set Up Fee: RM 200 (one-off) & RM 10 monthly                 
Lock-in Period For Zero Cost package, 5 years              
Early Redemption Fee  For Zero Cost package, 2% of approved loan amount


Minimum Age
Minimum Age:
18 years old
Minimum Loan Amount
Minimum Loan Amount:

RM 70,000

Who Can Apply
Who Can Apply:
Individuals - Malaysian & Foreigner
Minimum Income  RM4,000 Monthly or RM48,000 Annually

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