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Refinance your home at a lower rate to enjoy lower monthly repayments and more savings. Cash out option available.

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Alliance One Account

Product Details

Interest rate

Profit Rate

Financing Amount Profit Rate
Minimum RM 50,000 4.40% to 4.90% subject to your credit profile 
Fees n charges

Fees and Charges

Commitment Fees
Commitment Fees:
No commitment fee for Islamic Overdraft
Termination Fees
Termination Fees:
No early termination fee
Lock-in Period No lock-in Period


Minimum Age
Minimum Age:
18 years old
Minimum Loan Amount
Minimum Loan Amount:

RM 30,000

Who Can Apply
Who Can Apply:
Individuals - Malaysian
Minimum Income  RM5,000 Monthly or RM60,000 Annually

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