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Consumer Rights: Damaged Goods Within Warranty Period

Nursabihah Zainuddin - 03 Jul 2023

Damaged goods? Still within the warranty period? We share what you can do if your goods get damaged within the warranty period.

M’sians, Check Out These Flood Aids You Can Apply For!

Nursabihah Zainuddin - 21 Dec 2022

If you or a family member are up in the mud with the recent flooding, have a look at these available flood aids.

4 Things You Need to Know About RM150 ePemula

Nursabihah Zainuddin - 22 Apr 2022

Have you claimed yet? If not, here's what you know about ePemula.

M’sians, Claim Rebate up to RM400 With Save 3.0! Here’s How

Nursabihah Zainuddin - 27 Apr 2022

Find out how you can make your money back by buying energy-efficient appliances with the SAVE 3.0 Programme!

COVID-19: List of Financial Aids You Should Know

Nursabihah Zainuddin - 02 Apr 2020

If you want to know more about the financial aids available and how to apply them during this COVID-19 pandemic, read on.