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Camne Nak Jual Rumah Yang MASIH BERHUTANG Dengan Bank?

Contributor - iProperty - 25 Jul 2023

Bagi korang yang rancang nak jual rumah yang masih berhutang dengan bank, jom rujuk proses yang kami share ni.

Check Out These 6 Famous Football Players’ Very Expensive Homes

Contributor - iProperty - 21 Dec 2022

In need of inspiration for your new home? Take a peek into the lavish homes of these football players.

Here's How To Calculate a Rental Yield in Malaysia for a Good ROI

Contributor - iProperty - 04 Jul 2023

Planning to rent out your property for the first time? Here are 5 factors to help make your calculation easier and how to calculate rental yield.

Buying a House? Here's 2023 Stamp Duty Charges & Other Costs Involved

Contributor - iProperty - 24 Feb 2023

Are you planning on buying a house? Explore the financial elements you need to consider before buying a property in 2022.

Self-Employed & Applying For Home Loan? These Documents Can Help!

Contributor - iProperty - 22 May 2023

The self-employed might worry that they cannot apply for home loans, but there are alternatives!

Nah! Caj Duti Setem 2022 & Kos Lain Untuk Pembelian Rumah

Contributor - iProperty - 08 Mar 2022

Sebelum nak beli rumah, korang kena pastikan yang korang dah standby duit siap-siap untuk caj duti setem dan kos-kos lain yang terlibat dalam pro[...]

Tahu Tak Cara Kira Cukai Pendapatan Sewa Rumah? Hah Baca Ni!

Contributor - iProperty - 16 Feb 2022

Sebagai tuan rumah, korang tahu tak korang kena bayar cukai pendapatan sewa rumah? Tahu tak nak kira dia macam mana? Hah baca artikel ni untuk pe[...]

Masalah Kalau Takde Perjanjian Sewa Rumah (Tuan Rumah & Penyewa)

Contributor - iProperty - 19 Jan 2022

Proses menyewa memang lebih mudah berbanding dari beli rumah. Tapi jangan sampai korang kena tipu atau ditipu akibat dari kecuaian korang sendiri.

Homebuyers, Please Check These Things Before Signing the SPA

Contributor - iProperty - 20 Apr 2022

Familiarise yourself with the legal aspects and common terminologies used in the Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) and your bank loan agreement.

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H): 2021 Requirements & Guidelines

Contributor - iProperty - 01 Sep 2021

Planning to buy a house in Malaysia as a second home and not sure what are the requirements? Read on to find out.