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Check Out These 6 Famous Football Players’ Very Expensive Homes

Contributor - iProperty - 21 Nov 2022

ay just be the inspiration you need. *note; some may already have a new "humble abode" by 2022, yet these mansions still amaze us till this day!  [...]

Here's How To Calculate a Rental Yield in Malaysia for a Good ROI

Contributor - iProperty - 13 Oct 2022

nal rate to be competitive and attractive to renters and at the same time, you want to receive a good return on investment (ROI) for your property.  [...]

Buying a House? Here's 2022 Stamp Duty Charges & Other Costs Involved

Contributor - iProperty - 16 Mar 2022

e isn’t as easy as it seems, and here are a few additional costs you need to identify yourself with before sealing the deal to your dream house.    [...]

Self-Employed & Applying For Home Loan? These Documents Can Help!

Contributor - iProperty - 09 Mar 2022

mean it’s difficult. There are some non-standard documents you can use to get the keys to your first house.  Before we move to that, though…   [...]

Nah! Caj Duti Setem 2022 & Kos Lain Untuk Pembelian Rumah

Contributor - iProperty - 08 Mar 2022

emaju dah bagi macam-macam promo, diskaun dan rebat, kan? So, sebagai persediaan, ni dia kos lain yang korang kena ambil tahu sebelum beli rumah: [...]

Tahu Tak Cara Kira Cukai Pendapatan Sewa Rumah? Hah Baca Ni!

Contributor - iProperty - 16 Feb 2022

i. Ya lah, tak termasuk lagi dengan kena bayar ansuran bulanan rumah, insurans dan lagi kos penyelenggaraan rumah. Banyak betul benda kena bayar ni! [...]

Masalah Kalau Takde Perjanjian Sewa Rumah (Tuan Rumah & Penyewa)

Contributor - iProperty - 19 Jan 2022

ebab tulah pentingnya perjanjian sewa antara pemilik dengan penyewa. Jadi hari ni, kita tengok satu-satu, apa dia kepentingan perjanjian sewa rumah. [...]

Camne Nak Jual Rumah Yang MASIH BERHUTANG Dengan Bank?

Contributor - iProperty - 17 Nov 2021

habiskan bayar hutang dulu baru boleh jual?" Jawapan pendek: BOLEH. Jangan bimbang, dalam artikel ini kami akan kongsikan proses dan caranya.[...]

Homebuyers, Please Check These Things Before Signing the SPA

Contributor - iProperty - 20 Apr 2022

uyer should be aware of. This is by no means a comprehensive list but it may hopefully help you understand the whole home purchasing process better. [...]

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H): 2021 Requirements & Guidelines

Contributor - iProperty - 01 Sep 2021

quired and guidelines for the new programme, but we believe it will be very similar to the previous requirements which are set out in this article.  [...]