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Budi Madani: Get a Subsidy of RM 200/Month for Diesel

BY Nisya Aziz & Nisa Afiqah

Updated 31 May 2024

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Great news for private diesel vehicle owners, including small farmers and plantation smallholders in Peninsular Malaysia! The Ministry of Finance (MOF) has just opened applications for the Madani Subsidy Assistance Programme (BUDI MADANI).

What's covered in this article?

So, what exactly is BUDI MADANI?


BUDI MADANI is a cash contribution from the government as part of the continued implementation of the targeted diesel subsidy program in Peninsular Malaysia – no change for East Malaysia.

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Diesel vehicle owners who are eligible based on a given set of criteria can apply under the BUDI Individu category, whereas agriculture and commodity smallholders may apply under the BUDI Agri-Komoditi category.

This subsidy program offers a sweet RM200 cash top-up (for both categories) in your bank account. If you’re eligible, you can apply starting from 28th of May 2024 - it’s open throughout the year.


What are the eligibility criteria to apply for BUDI MADANI?

BUDI Individu BUDI Agro-Komoditi
  • Applicants must be Malaysian 

  • Have an annual income of up to RM 100,000 ( either applicant or spouse) 

  • Applicant privately owned diesel vehicle registered with the JPJ The vehicles must have an active road tax.

Additional criteria for BUDI Individu ineligibility:
  1. Using a diesel motorcycle.

  2. Privately registered diesel vehicles used by companies or organisations.

  3. Luxury vehicles under 10 years old.

  4. Vehicles registered for e-hailing.

  5. Types of vehicles: motorhome caravans, tour vans, and tour buses.

  • Applicant must already be registered as a farmer or a smallholder with the relevant agency under the appropriate ministries specifically the Ministry of Agriculture & Food Security (KPKM), or the Ministry of Plantation & Commodities (KPK).

  • Applicant must be an active agriculture or commodity smallholder, generating an annual turnover of between RM50,000 and RM300,000.


SIDE NOTE: Applications will be cross-referenced with data from the Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) to exclude luxury vehicles that are less than 10 years old, and earners in the T20 category. So, don’t play play.

How to apply for BUDI MADANI (BUDI Individu)?

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You can apply online on the BUDI MADANI website. Here’s we’re focusing on BUDI Individu category:

  1. Register for a user account.
  2. After registering, click on the "Apply Here" button for the BUDI Individu category.
  3. Enter applicant information as follows:

i. MyKad Number

ii. Mobile Phone Number

iii. Bank Name

iv. Bank Account Number

v. Email Address

  1. Then, input the diesel vehicle information:

i. Vehicle Registration Number

ii. Expiry Date of Vehicle License (Road Tax)

iii. Vehicle Brand/Model

iv. Vehicle Usage Class

  1. Submit your application.

  There you go, and also make sure everything's spot-on before you hit that submit button!

When can you receive the BUDI Individu RM200 cash assistance?

If you get your application in before 3 June, you'll snag your first cash injection by mid-June, with monthly payments rolling in right after.

Meanwhile, those who applied after 3 June 2024, you’ll receive your first cash assistance within two weeks and on a monthly basis thereafter.

This means, the sooner you apply, the sooner you'll be enjoying those extra funds coming your way. 

The cash assistance will be credited to your bank account every month. If you don't have a bank account, you can collect your BUDI Individu cash assistance at any Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) branch throughout Peninsular Malaysia.


What if my BUDI MADANI  (BUDI Individu) application got rejected?

You can check the status of your application by clicking the "Check Status" button on your application dashboard. And, if you’re REJECTED, FRET NOT. If you truly meet the eligibility criteria, you are encouraged to submit an appeal or contact the call center.

To find out why your application was rejected, click "Check Status". Once you have this information, update your personal or vehicle details as needed before submitting an appeal.

To learn more about BUDI MADANI, just head over to If you need any help, you can call the BUDI MADANI helpline at 1-800-88-2747, 03-8882 4565, or 03-8882 4566. You can also email them at And if you prefer in-person assistance, feel free to visit any LHDNM office in Peninsular Malaysia.

Good luck! 


*The above article is intended for informational purposes only. Loanstreet accepts no responsibility for loss that may arise from reliance on information contained in the articles.

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