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How To Renew Our Malaysian Passport Online

BY Team Loanstreet

Updated 24 Nov 2022

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*This article was translated by Mia Sabrina Mahadir from "Oh…Camni Rupanya Renew Pasport Secara Online!".

Many of us are already scrolling through flight booking sites to plan our travels now that we can cross borders. Just looking at the humans entering KLIA, we can tell one!

This makes admin even more FOMO and admin must bring our own family to go on holiday overseas too… admin can even smell the waves all the way from Krabi.

But then, we take out our dusty passport, and *GASP* our passport has been long dead during the lockdown.

The waves of Krabi smell impressive, but the sweat from people queueing up at JPN smells even stronger. Admin has to also think about admin's parents’ passports that admin needs to renew. How to bring them queuing up so long for the whole day?

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Admin kiasu self has decided not to give up and did some research, and admin found out that you can actually renew your passports online! 

Here's how.

What's covered in this article?

Before you begin, you must make sure you have these documents in hand:

  • Your credit/debit card, or your bank account number to make an online payment
  • A softcopy of your photo following the guideline by the Immigration Department of Malaysia
  • Your e-passport (with chip) in working condition
  • Your IC, or birth certificate for children (a photocopy is required)
  • Your old passport

Once you have all the documents, you can then follow these steps to renew your passport online:




STEP 1: Log in to MyIMMS eServices.

STEP 2: Go to the “MyOnline pasport” section and click on “Permohonan pasport/Application for the renewal of passport”.

STEP 3: On the following page, you will be given the details for these items:

  • Days required to produce the new passport
  • Passport photo specification
  • Terms & conditions
  • Fee amount

STEP 4: Pick the immigration office location to pick up your new passport (COD is not applicable)

STEP 5: Upload your photo.

STEP 6: Complete your payment either with online banking, a credit card or and Touch 'n Go e-wallet (cash is not accepted). Here's the fee levied on the 5-year validity:
  • Individuals 13 to 59 years old: RM200
  • Senior citizen (60 years and above): RM100 (to receive the senior citizen rate, the individual must appear at the counter)
  • Individuals performing the Haj: RM100
  • Special needs individuals: Free

STEP 7: Keep your receipt as proof of payment and as a reference to your pick-up location (COMPULSORY to bring along during pick-up)

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, kan? But, as always...


To avoid any problems during your application, make sure that you:


1. Follow the photo requirement

We heard that a lot of people got their passport renewal applications rejected because the photo didn't meet the stringent photo requirement.

To keep headaches at bay, we recommend getting your picture done by a professional (photo studio). You could also request a soft copy for a seamless uploading process later. Other than that, be sure to wear dark clothing that covers your shoulder and chest. Don't fancy-schmancy want to use coloured lenses or accessories on the head. And, make sure your hair doesn't cover your face. The required photo size must be 50mm x 35mm. 

2. Send in your application before 3pm


If you send in your application before 3 pm, you can pick it up on the next business day! Just go to the branch location you have chosen after 10 am the next day. But if you apply after 3 pm, you will need to wait at least 3 working days.

IMPORTANT: If 3 days have passed and you still did not receive any emails, it is highly likely that your application had been rejected. You have to make your way to the immigration office with your receipt to settle the issue. 

3. Collect the passport at the counter yourself


Yup, you cannot send someone to pick up the passport for you or ask for the passport to be delivered. So make sure to double-check the collection date, time and location. Also, we recommend you to be at the place early because you have to get the queue number and it is subject to the number of available slots. Once those slots are filled, everyone else will be asked to go home. Yikes! 

Also, don't forget to bring your identification card, old passport, and payment receipt. 

Hmm... sounds like a lot more mafan than the pre-pandemic time. Can't we just walk in?


Sorry, kenot. Passport renewal can only be done online we don't make the rules. Walk-ins are only accepted if you fall under these categories:

  • Senior citizens aged 60 and above
  • Citizens going for Haj (must bring the Tabung Haji offer letter)
  • Disabled individuals (must bring Social Welfare Department registration card)
  • First-time applications
  • Children aged below 13
  • Individuals who have lost their passport (will require a police report)
  • People with damaged passports
  • Students who are below 21 years old and studying abroad (must bring their overseas university/college offer letter or a similar document)

Anyway, are you ready to see the world?

As a last word of advice, besides your passport, it is best to also get travel insurance before you fly off. The virus is still among us and you will want to keep yourself and your family safe!

So, what's your experience with renewing your passport online? Do share with us your story in our FB comment section. Hope we all make it through the end!

*The above article is intended for informational purposes only. Loanstreet accepts no responsibility for loss that may arise from reliance on information contained in the articles.

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