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5 Ways to Kiamsiap Your Christmas Celebration

Updated 17 Dec 2020 – By Irwin Umban

We’re here to teach you how not to get caught up in the Christmas fever and ended up spending way too much money during the festive season which would leave you no choice but to ikat perut to survive till your next salary.

Truth be told, you don’t have to spend a lot to have yourself a very Merry Christmas. There are some nifty life hacks that you can use to save yourself extra money when celebrating Christmas. Welcome to the KIAMSIAP way of celebrating Christmas.

1. Exchange lah Christmas ornaments with your neighbours or friends!

If you google the price of Christmas ornaments in Malaysia, their prices seem innocently low enough, right? Doesn’t cause any harm, right?

Wrong! Because you know that you’re not gonna just buy 1 ornament, but dozens of them. 

Easy... Just exchange the old ones with your neighbours or friends! And, it doesn’t take a dime out of your wallet.


2. Use recyclable materials to create your own Christmas tree!

If you’re cutting off real trees to be used as your Christmas tree and then throwing it once you’re done, then shame on you. Don’t do that. We already had too many trees cut off in this world.

It’s good enough that you buy an artificial Christmas tree, but you know what’s better? 

Using recyclable materials to create your own Christmas tree. Just take a look at some of them. Aren’t they gorgeous?

You can use old books, egg cartons, discarded woods, and so many interesting materials to create a magnificent looking Christmas tree for your celebration this year. So go ahead and flex that creative brain of yours!

3. Buy evergreen Christmas wear 

But of course, not like these elf-like costumes lah... Get something that’s plain and simple, which you can then easily mix and match with your other jeans, pants or shirts that you have in your closet. 

Or if you’re a true kiamsiapian, you would just get yourself a red Christmas hat and wear normal T-shirt and pants, because, in true Christmas spirit, it’s not about the fashion, but it's about the spirit of togetherness. So there’s no need to dress up super nice to impress people that you see mostly once throughout the whole year.

But, let’s say in the “rare cases” that you fall victim to peer pressure and temptation to buy the fanciest and trending Christmas fashion that you came across in town or online, then you can consider getting a credit card that gives up to 10% cashback.

4. Have a potluck gathering instead!

If you follow the old school way of celebrating Christmas, you would have to visit a lot of relatives or friend’s houses and stuff more food to your already stuffed stomach from the previous visit. 

As if that wasn't enough, you have to prepare food and Christmas decor on your side as well. So a lot of fuel expenses and wasted money there, especially excess unfinished foods that ended up finding its way into the trash bin.

That’s why it's more ideal and economical to have a potluck gathering instead. Everyone chips in different dishes, travel to only 1 house and can have more activities and fun games together. Win-win for everyone.

Since we're in the middle pandemic now, you might want to make it small and follow the SOP.

5. Celebrate Christmas at church

This is probably the best and most money-saving Kiamsiap Christmas hack you can do. Not only do you get to sing carols with your entire community, but you also get free food from the church, able to donate to the needy and be able to bond with your friends, family members, relatives and your local community.

So, so, so...

There you have it. 5 Kiamsiap way to spend less on Christmas without sacrificing all the fun. But in true Christmas spirit, try to spend less and give more to charity. Volunteer if you will. For example, helping the homeless and needy with Kechara Soup Kitchen

If you have the means to spend as you wish, apply la for some credit cards that give you incentives and cashback. Or, try to spend from your boost or TnG e-wallet. They got a lot of cashback incentives. Take advantage of that ho ho ho!

Last but not least, we at Loanstreet would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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