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Here are the Best Fixed Deposit Promos in Malaysia 2020

Updated 28 Apr 2020 – By MARTIJN BOUDEWIJN

Are you interested in the latest Fixed Deposit Promos in Malaysia? Want to get the most out of your hard-earned money? Well then, this article is for you. Here's the list of the most recent Fixed Deposit promotions. 

To those who are not sure about Fixed Deposit, it's a type of an investments account that allows you to invest a lump of money for a fixed time period and at a fixed rate of interest. This type of investment is quite popular because it's known to be risk-free and has higher interest rates when compared to the regular savings account. This is because it's calculated on a yearly basis, unlike a savings account which is calculated on a daily basis. The tenure of the fixed deposit account can also affect the interest rate - the longer the tenure, the higher the interest rate is given. 

Now, let’s take a look at the list (in no particular order).


1. Alliance Bank

Promo: 8.88 p.a. fixed deposit
Effective rate: Up to 8.88% p.a.
Minimum: From RM 10,000

Tenure: 3/5/1212 months
Offer period: 1 April 2020 to 30 September 2020


2. RHB Bank

Promo: 3 Months e-Commodity Murabahah Deposit-i Promotion 2020
Effective rate: 2.66% p.a.

Minimum: RM 5,000
Maximum: RM 30,000
Tenure: 3 months
Offer period: 18 March 2020 to 30 April 2020


3. RHB Bank 

Promo: e-Term Deposit Offer Via FPX
Effective rate: 3.15% p.a.
Minimum: RM5,000
Tenure: 3 months
Offer period: 18 March to 30 April 2020


4. Maybank Islamic

Promo: #StayAtHome & Get Rewarded
Effective Rate: 2.87% p.a. for 2 months/3.05% p.a. for 6 months tenure
Minimum: RM5,000
Tenure: 2 months/6 months 
Offer period: 26 March to 26 April 2020


5. Hong Leong Bank

Promo: 3-Month eFixed Deposit/eFixed Deposit-i Promotion
Effective Rate:  3.10% p.a.
Minimum: RM 10,000
Maximum: RM 2,000,000
Tenure: 3 months 
Offer period: 27 February to 30 April 2020


6. Hong Leong Bank

Promo: 3-Month eFixed Deposit/-i
Effective Rate:  3.10% p.a.
Minimum: RM 10,000
Maximum: RM 2,000,000
Tenure: 3 months 
Offer period: 6 March to 30 April 2020


7. RHB

Promo: RHB e‑Term Deposit
Effective Rate:  3.30% p.a.
Minimum: RM 10,000
Tenure: 6 months 
Offer period: 16 April to 31 May 2020

* Fresh fund required. Available over-the-counter & via RHB Now Internet Banking


If you are interested in any of the fixed deposit promotions above, please contact the respective bank to get started. Don’t forget to check this article from time to time for the latest fixed deposit promotions. Also, share it with your friends so they can start making some extra money too.

Besides the promotions listed above, you can also check out our fixed deposit rates page here (from all the banks in Malaysia) that is updated daily.

Happy investing!


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