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Lazada vs Shopee: Easiest, Fastest & Cheapest

Darian Skazar - 01 May 2023

Lazada or Shopee? Which online shopping platform overrules the other?

Which Is the Richest Race in Malaysia?

Darian Skazar - 22 May 2023

No doubt - there’s this perception that all Chinese in Malaysia are wealthy, right? But, how true is this seeing that Bumiputeras have a lot more[...]

“I Only Use This App on My Phone, Which Prepaid Plan To Get Ah?”

Darian Skazar - 19 Sep 2021

Looking for the most bang for the buck telco prepaid plan? Check these out!

Where To Buy Crypto in M'sia? Are They Regulated By SC?

Darian Skazar - 03 Sep 2021

Cryptocurrency? Crypto? Magic internet money? Bitcoin? For those who are clueless about crypto but want to get in on all the fun, this article is[...]

"If Only We Knew There Was Such a Thing as Pet Insurance"

Darian Skazar - 10 Mar 2021

So pet owners, now we’re here to ask you, do you have insurance for your pet? Because maybe it’s time you consider getting one to avoid the unexp[...]

6 Ways To Get Cheaper Car Insurance Premium

Darian Skazar - 05 Jan 2022

Let’s see what are the ways you can cut down your car insurance premium while still enjoying some Netflix and chill or Viu and venery.