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Lazada vs Shopee: Easiest, Fastest & Cheapest

Darian Skazar - 01 May 2023

Lazada or Shopee? Which online shopping platform overrules the other?

Which Is the Richest Race in Malaysia?

Darian Skazar - 22 May 2023

No doubt - there’s this perception that all Chinese in Malaysia are wealthy, right? But, how true is this seeing that Bumiputeras have a lot more[...]

Antara Lazada & Shopee, Yang Mana Better?

Darian Skazar - 05 Oct 2022

Kalau korang online shopping, prefer guna yang mana? Lazada ke Shopee? Jom tengok perbandingan antara dua platform shopping Malaysia ni!

“I Only Use This App on My Phone, Which Prepaid Plan To Get Ah?”

Darian Skazar - 19 Sep 2021

Looking for the most bang for the buck telco prepaid plan? Check these out!

Where To Buy Crypto in M'sia? Are They Regulated By SC?

Darian Skazar - 03 Sep 2021

Cryptocurrency? Crypto? Magic internet money? Bitcoin? For those who are clueless about crypto but want to get in on all the fun, this article is[...]

"If Only We Knew There Was Such a Thing as Pet Insurance"

Darian Skazar - 10 Mar 2021

So pet owners, now we’re here to ask you, do you have insurance for your pet? Because maybe it’s time you consider getting one to avoid the unexp[...]

6 Ways To Get Cheaper Car Insurance Premium

Darian Skazar - 05 Jan 2022

Let’s see what are the ways you can cut down your car insurance premium while still enjoying some Netflix and chill or Viu and venery.