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Got Used Cooking Oil? 7 Places To Recycle & Make Money in M’sia

BY Nisya Aziz

Updated 09 Nov 2021

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Some of you may already know this but many people still think there’s nothing wrong with pouring their leftover/used cooking oil into the kitchen sink and washing it away with some soapy clean water. After all, it’s just liquid, right? WRONG.

The problem with this quick solution is that over time it will turn into these solid or sticky masses of fats that can cling to the sides of the pipes, which eventually will clog the drainpipe, which ultimately leads to you needing a plumber to fix it. Depending on how bad the situation is, in KL/Selangor, the average cost to fix your clogged drain is around RM60 to RM500.

Not only that. This can also damage the sewer system and pollute water resources in the long run, you know? In 2016, Malaysia’s Klang Municipal Council (MPK) spent almost RM6 million to remove clogging involving a few million litres of used cooking oil and fryer fats that had been poured into kitchen sinks in the commercial and residential areas.

So, instead of taking your wok straight to the sink after you finish cooking and dumping your used oil down the drain, here are responsible and eco-friendly steps for you to take when handling your used cooking oil:

  • STEP1: Filter your used cooking oil to remove any particles/crumbs and pour it into a sealable container.
  • STEP 2: Place the container into a plastic bag and seal it. This is to avoid any leakage.

Then, recycle the used cooking oil at these places and earn some quick ringgit!

1. Alam Flora Buy Back Centre

Image source: SAYS

You can choose to recycle at its centre or use its pick-up service called 3R on Wheels (3RoW), which is much more convenient if you’re not in the mood to drive or have more things to recycle. You can check out their schedule here. Additionally, if you’re a Mesra cardmember, you can get extra points!

Covered area: Klang Valley & Pahang
Selling rates: RM1.10/kg


2. Arus Oil

Image source:

It’s an on-demand recycling platform for used cooking oil that provides a FOC door-to-door collection service to collect your used cooking oil conveniently. Just sign up and make your appointment online. What’s great about Arus Oil is that you get to enjoy higher selling rates when you sell your used cooking oil in a high bulk of the volume.

Covered area: Klang Valley
Selling rates:

  • RM1.30 for less than 10kg (minimum 5kg)
  • RM1.60 for less than 50kg
  • RM1.90 for less than 100kg
  • RM2.20 for 100kg & above

3. SS Used Cooking Oil

This waste management platform offers a free pick up service as long as it’s more than 5kg. But, what if you don’t have 5kg of used cooking oil? Fret not, SS Used Cooking Oil recently collaborated with Minimize Zero Waste Store located in Subang Jaya. So if you’re in that area, you can drop off your used cooking oil at the place.

Covered area: Klang Valley & Seremban
Selling rates: RM1.50/kg (minimum 5kg)


4. OilIn Malaysia

Just like the rest, this waste management company also provides pick up service. What we like about this recycling service is that it doesn’t impose a minimum quantity for them to pick up and there’s no additional charge too.

Covered area: Klang Valley 
Selling rates:

  • RM1.00 for 1kg 
  • RM1.20/kg for less than 10kg
  • RM1.40/kg for more than 50kg
  • RM1.60/kg for more than 100kg

5. Captain Oil

A licensed oil collector, you can give them a ring to make an arrangement to pick the used cooking oil at your place once u have about 10 kg or more. Aside from that, if the volume is high, they’re able to provide you with a suitable drum for a minimal fee.

Covered area: Klang Valley
Selling rates: RM1 - RM2.50/kg (minimum 10kg - 15kg)


6. Trash4Cash

This door-to-door recycling service is one of the great options if you have a high volume of used cooking oil like the F&B businesses. That aside, you can also recycle other wastes like cardboard, newspapers, papers, plastic containers, and glass bottles.

Covered area: Klang Valley, Kedah & Perlis
Selling rates:

  • RM1.10/kg for less than 20kg
  • RM1.20/kg for less than 50kg
  • RM1.40/kg for more than 50kg

7. TREE CYCLE Biodiesel

With a pick-up service from commercial or residential, the company recently managed to collect almost 15,000 kg of used cooking oil in a month to recycle.

Covered area: Mostly in Klang Valley
Selling rates: RM1.50/kg (no minimum)


It’s kinda bummer that most places listed are mostly available in the Klang Valley.  We did find some in other states, however, the info wasn’t clear and can’t be confirmed.

Do you know any other recycling centres/shops that accept cooking oil in Malaysia? Do share with us in the comment section on our FB post and we’ll include it in this article.

*The above article is intended for informational purposes only. Loanstreet accepts no responsibility for loss that may arise from reliance on information contained in the articles.



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