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5 Kiamsiap Ways To Save Money During Lunch

BY Philippe Andrews

Updated 19 Nov 2019

As fellow Malaysians, we at Loanstreet understand your struggle when it comes to saving money and would like to offer you a helping hand. How? Well, by introducing you to the KIAMSIAP way of having lunch, of course!

Read on to find out how you can easily save a whole lot of money during your next lunch break — and save up for the next iPhone or your dream vacation instead.

What's covered in this article?

1. Don't eat.

No, this isn't a sarcastic idea, and it isn't an attempt to mock your desire to be kiamsiap so that you can save money either.

Have a very heavy breakfast — a healthy one, of course — so that you won't feel too hungry during lunchtime. Then, when lunch hour comes, have some water or a packet of chopped fruits. You can probably get the former for free at your workplace, and the latter for less than RM5 at local supermarkets.

You can also do both, or neither by practising intermittent fasting instead. The best part of all these options? You won't feel so lazy after lunch because... no food coma mah!


2. Be a proud cleaner.

If you have friends or colleagues who tend to order way more food than they can actually eat, go out for lunch with them regularly.

Why? When they're done with their food, claim their leftovers for your tummy. To avoid looking desperate, order a small but cheap dish or even just a drink for yourself. The combination of this and the leftovers should fill you up.

If they give you weird looks, just tell them that you're doing the world a favour by not wasting food.


3. Choose the telur life.

Let's take a moment to celebrate one of the most versatile foods of all time: eggs.

From having them hard-boiled to enjoying them as omelettes, eggs are a cheap way to fill your stomach without getting bored, as they currently only cost less than RM10 for about 15 pieces. They can easily be paired with so many other ingredients, and because they are a good source of protein, you would also be securing yourself a healthy meal in the process of eating them.

With eggs as a main dish for your lunch every day, you'll be hatching yourself towards major lunchtime savings in no time.


4. Tidur je!

Why spend money to gain energy when you can recharge yourself for free?

Instead of hurting your wallet by eating out during lunch, use the time to take a nap instead. Park yourself at your desk, cover your eyes with a sleeping mask and hide under your jacket. You'll probably be able to enjoy air-conditioning for free too.

Scared to sleep on an empty stomach? Prepare a simple but cheap lunch — like toast with kaya, porridge or cucumber sandwiches which can all cost you less than RM5 per meal — and finish it within the first 10 minutes of your lunch hour. Then, use the remaining 50 minutes to take a power nap.

You could also feast exclusively on whatever you find in your office's pantry, like biscuits and the occasional leftover slice of cake from your colleague's birthday party, before taking a nap.


5. Cheap eating showdown.

Who says that being kiamsiap at lunch has to be a solo activity?

Challenge your friends to a cheap eating contest. Everyone prepares a meal or a dish that is both wholesome and cheap, and at lunchtime, bring these dishes together for all the participants to try.

You might walk away from this contest with the glory of being a winner — but you will definitely leave with a satisfied stomach and a happy wallet or purse, thanks to all the food you'll be sampling.

There you have it! Five ways to get yourself closer to the benefits of being kiamsiap, specifically during lunchtime.

Just remember that they aren't for the weak of heart, as staying true to your kiamsiap ways requires a lot of courage, especially when everyone else looks at you weirdly!

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