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4 Ways To Kiamsiap (Level 9999) at a Co-Sharing Space

Updated 25 Mar 2019 – By Nisya Aziz

Co-sharing/co-working space is definitely an ideal option for companies that are just starting out, fellow freelancers or digital nomads to find a temporary home in. Although it’s better than paying the rent for an office, the rates for co-working space are not that economical. The cheapest we can find is RM30 per day. 

However, with the rising living cost, everyone’s trying to squeeze every penny they can out of their monthly expenditure. So, if you’re thinking about cutting down some expenses and are working (or looking to do work) at a co-sharing/ co-working space - here are 4 money saving ideas for the extreme kiamsiap that we bet (and hope) you won’t try.

1. Only survive on food and drinks at the pantry

According to a local daily, a frugal shopping basket filled with average ‘basic food items’ would cost about RM361.29, roughly 37.2% of the net takeaway from the RM1,100 minimum wage imposed recently. If you survive only on chap fan (economy mixed rice) and water, it’ll probably cost you about RM10 a day - that’s still a lot of money for a month!

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So, if the place offers complimentary food and drinks, you should take this as an opportunity to cut down on that monthly groceries or food expenditure. How? Well, just bring own tumbler and flask, for water and coffee - oh, and don’t forget the Tupperware. This way you can discreetly tapau for when you’re at home too.


2. From now on, no need to buy toilet paper

Here’s a fun fact: Based on The Toilet Paper Encyclopedia statistics, consumer use 8.6 sheets of toilet paper every time they go to the bathroom, 57 sheets every day and 20,805 sheets annually.  Usually, there are about 150 sheets per roll. That means you need to stock up at least 11.4 rolls (let’s make it 12 rolls) a month. Looking at Hargapedia, the cheapest you can get for 10 rolls is RM7.99. Now, for a super cheapskate person, that’s excessive spending.

But, guess what? You don’t have to worry about this if you’re at the co-sharing space - forget about separating two-ply or not using toilet paper altogether! Why? Because you no longer need to spend money; just secretly take one or two rolls home. 


3. No need to spend monies on adult pampers

This is more for those who have an unwanted passage of urine or stool that they can't control. Imagine this: you’re doing work at cafe or mamak, then you need to go to the toilet, before that you have to pack your stuff because you’re scared someone will steal them. Then when you come back, you need to buy another drink because the waiter/waitress clean the table already. So stressful and mafan, right? To solve this, you invest in adult pampers size M, which cost you about RM13 for 10 pieces. Although your productivity is increasing, the money in your wallet isn’t. 

You see, you won’t face this problem if you’re at the co-working space because they have this thing called security. So you can do your business in peace without having to kelam kabut pack your stuff and order another drink (because got free drinks mah). And if you also do point 2, you can get double win liao!


4. Take advantage of someone else’s electricity bill

Maybe your electricity bill has doubled, maybe you have that blackout issue because you didn’t pay the bill for a very long time, or maybe you can survive with candles and no fan, but in today’s age, you can’t live without your gadgets. So you’re looking for a creative way to charge your babies. 

Well, look no further because we have the answer. And no, we’re not gonna give you that boring tips on how to save your electricity bill. You can google that stuff. This is what we have in mind: Why don’t you just charge them all at the co-working space - laptop, phone, shaver, Nintendo or whatever you need - shamelessly. That’s like the basic rights you have when using the space, right? Or did we get things all wrong?  


Or scrap this list and head over to Headspace - SO CHEAP

Yes, maybe you shouldn’t go through all the trouble to save money. We suggest you to just head over to Headspace instead. It’s a new co-sharing space located at SS15 (a pretty strategic place) that offers a great and comfortable environment that will only cost you RM 0.20 per minute -  bada bing bada boom. You don’t have to be kiamsiap to know that this is  A GOOD DEAL. You must be thinking, “If I spend more than 4 hours, then I’ll have to spend more than RM50. That’s not really ideal, financially speaking.” Well, you’re WRONG honey boo boo because there’s a flat rate of RM 18 after 90 minutes! 

So, what’s good there? Well, it basically provides different spaces to fit your working style, whether you work best looking out of the window, sitting back in a chair or lounging with your legs up on a sofa. In short, it’s a place that’s comfortable enough to boost your productivity aside from that high-speed internet. Let’s not forget the food and drinks at the pantry like free flow gourmet coffee, tea, ice cream, snacks and cakes - YAS!

Want to know more? Check out their Facebook and Instagram for updates.
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