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Are You The YOLO, The WORRIER or The CHEAPSKATE Kind of Traveller? Take This Quiz!

BY Hakimie Amrie

Updated 14 Aug 2019

“If travel is free, BYE Felicia!”

 Everyone can agree that travelling is FUN, right?  But, it doesn’t always look good for your bank account... unless you’re a minister lah or ATAS like that or you’re just VERY GOOD at saving money. 

Now, have you ever wondered what’s your travelling habit? You could be the  “Meh, whatever” or “But guys, we need to plan this out” kinda person.  

So, get your passport ready because this quiz is about to take off!

What's covered in this article?


So, do you agree?

Well, don’t blame the questions. What’s important is now you’re aware of your travel habits to assess your risk as a traveller. No one wants to have a nightmare during their trip. But there are things you can do to make sure your love for travel doesn't get you into trouble insurance, for example. Before going for your next vacation, how about you take a look at our travel insurance page to get a quote first?

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