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11 Ramadan Buffets 2022 Below RM70 in Klang Valley

Updated 06 Apr 2022 – By Team Loanstreet

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Let’s be honest here - the best part about puasa (besides the spiritual cleansing, of course) is hunting for delicious food and drinks to break your fast after almost 14 hours of hunger and thirst. 

So, are you looking for a buffet that offers a good hearty spread of Malaysian favourites that comes with a budget-conscious price? 

If you said yes, here's a list of wallet-friendly Ramadan Buffets (below RM70) in Klang Valley where you get to feast alongside your friends and family, but make sure to follow SOP, ok!

1. Bangi Golf Resort, Bangi

ramadan buffet bangi golf resort

Not only do they have a great golf course, but Bangi Golf Resort is also serving a wonderful buffet course for this year’s Ramadan at their Iftar Together-Gather Di Bangi Golf Resort.

Date: 4th - 8th April 2022
Price: RM55/adult & RM25/child

Date: 9th April - 1st May 2022
Price: RM60/adult & RM30/child

The price you’re paying is totally a steal!


2. I’dahlia Meletop, KL

ramadan buffet 2

Have you ever thought about breaking your fast in the garden, filled with flowers and plants? Well, I’dahlia Meletop is bringing out an interesting concept for their Ramadan buffet this year which is Buka Puasa Dalam Taman di I’dahlia Meletop

Date: 5th - 29th April 2022
Price: RM59/adult & RM29/child, elderlies

They have over 50 different types of kampung dishes to choose from and a prayer room is also provided. You sure wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity!


3. Manor House of Events, Wangsa Maju

ramadan buffet 3

Manor House of Events is holding their Ramadan 2022 Semi Buffet where you will be given the experience of breaking your fast with orphans, homeless people, or also future Tahfiz students. 

Date: Throughout Ramadan
Price: RM55/person 

It’s a great way to reflect and inflict more gratitude on the life we currently have, with also an advantage of saving money.

4. MZ Cafe X MZ Garden Hall, Bangi 


MZ Cafe is offering a Ramadan buffet with the concept of Citarasa 1 Malaysia. Just imagine the scrumptious variety of Malaysian food such as kambing golek, white rice with different types of lauk-pauk and even lemang and rendang daging. Just hearing about all this food makes your mouth watery, doesn’t it? 

Date: 4th April - 1st May 2022
Price: RM65/adult & RM35/child

For such a cheap price, you get to dine in a beautiful banquet hall, so why not?


5. Secret Garden @ Laman PKNS, Shah Alam

buffet ramadan 5

Secret Garden brings you a Selera Nusantara for this year’s Ramadan buffet. With a view of Tasik Shah Alam, the foods served consist of various masakan melayu that are to die for, especially during these fasting times. 

Date: 5 - 28 April 2022
Price: RM45/adult & RM25/child

But they are closed every Monday, so be sure to free up your other days for this super cheap buffet deal!


6. LUGAR DE LA BODA, Puchong

buffet ramadan 6

Lugar De La Boda, Puchong is bringing back yet another Ramadan buffet this year with a menu set that will surely have you drooling. With their speciality lamb grill and a live cooking session, this place is surely worth the money spent.

Date: 7th-30th April 2022
Price: RM69/adult & RM35/child (Early Bird)

They also offer a special price of RM520 for a pax of 8 people, that’s a lot of money saved. So, what are you waiting for?


7. Restoran Mak Kimbong, Bangi

buffet ramadan 7

Are you a fan of masakan kampung? Well, lucky for you because Restoran Mak Kimbong is bringing out 100 kampung dishes for this year’s Ramadan buffet! Doesn’t the sound of their Ayam Beranak Bakar Tempayan and Sotong Gergasi Bakar makes you hungry? 

Date: 4th April - 1st May 2022
Price: RM79/adult & RM49/child

It’s just an extra RM9 for a feast you’ll surely crave for more.



buffet ramadan 8

Conflicted between wanting to eat steamboat & grill and masakan melayu? Well, you’re in luck because at Mai Steamboat & Grill @ Zada Cafe, they serve both! What’s more satisfying than having a fulfilling steamboat AND eating your favourite kampung dish, no?

Date: 6th - 30th April 2022
Price: RM55/adult, RM35/elderlies & RM20/child

At such a low price, you can get the best of both worlds, what’s stopping you?


9. Hadramawt Kitchen, KL

buffet ramadan 9

Do you ever just crave Arabian food? Hadramawt Kitchen is one of the best places that serve Arabian cuisine such as Chicken Mandy and Lamb Kabsah. Yummy, just imagining the foods makes you go hungry.

Date: Throughout Ramadan
Price: RM66/adult & RM41/child

Don’t miss out on this great offer! 


9. Koptown Edc Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

buffet ramadan 10

Koptown EDC Hotel is back with their buffet Ramadan. With a wide selection of dishes and a chilled interior, you wouldn’t want to miss having your iftar here.

Date: 6th - 30th April 2022
Price: RM78/adult & RM58/child

Why not spend an extra RM8 over your budget for a great buka puasa meal?


11. Aroma Cafe by Eden, KL

buffet ramadan 11

For all of you University of Malaya alumni, this place will not be a foreign place to you. Aroma Cafe by Eden is offering a Ramadan buffet with the concept Selera Desa this year. 

Date: 4th - 29th April 2022
Price: RM76/adult, RM49/elderlies & RM29/child

With a great garden view and cosy atmosphere, book your iftar here and enjoy the great price you pay!


So, which Ramadan buffet will you go to?

As you can see, you don’t have to spend a lot of money just to enjoy scrumptious foods. What’s important is to be smart in spending and managing your finances. Don’t forget to always wear your face mask, use hand sanitiser and practice physical distancing ok! 

We hope that this list gives you an idea of where to break your fast whether it’s with your family or friends. Also, if you know of any other Ramadan buffet below RM70, do share it with us and other readers at the Facebook comment section - sharing is caring kan?

Selamat berbuka and enjoy your meal!

*The above article is intended for informational purposes only. Loanstreet accepts no responsibility for loss that may arise from reliance on information contained in the articles.

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