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Nah, 11 Ramadan Buffets 2019 Below RM60 in Klang Valley

Updated 10 May 2019 – By Nisya Aziz

Let’s be honest here - the best part about puasa month (besides the spiritual cleansing, of course) is looking for that delicious food and drinks to break your fast after almost 14 hours of hunger and thirst. 

So, are you looking for a buffet that offers a good hearty spread of Malaysian favourites that comes with a budget-conscious price? If the answer is yes, then you have landed on the right page. Here's a list of wallet-friendly Ramadan Buffets in Klang Valley where you get to meet and feast alongside your friends and family.

1. Bangi Golf Resort, Bangi

If you want to taste local and international fare without costing you a bomb, Bangi Golf Resort can be one of the choices for you to try. It has over 200 menu selections of Western and Eastern cuisines to be enjoyed. The price for an adult starts at RM59, which we think it’s reasonably priced for a golf resort. For parties greater than 20, you can get a group pricing that is as low as RM46 for adults and RM23 for children!

2. Monterez Golf & Country Club, Shah Alam

Themed ‘Nostalgia Juadah Tradisional’, Monterez Golf & Country Club offers a variety of special delicacies like a Grilled lamb, Grilled fish, satay, Lemang and more. The price offered is also affordable - starting at RM58 for adult. But, take note that this price is only valid on a regular day (from Monday to Thursday). If you go on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the price will be slightly higher, which is at RM68. To those who are around the area, the club also offers a complimentary Bubur Lambuk (limited to 50 people daily) from 5.30pm to 7.00pm during this Ramadan month. 

3. Hotel UiTM Shah Alam, Shah Alam

To those who live near Shah Alam (or the nearby area) and wants to try a menu of different cultures, this Ramadan buffet from Hotel UiTM Shah Alam comes with a “Selera Muhibbah” menu like Grilled Lamb, Korean BBQ Chicken, Yong Tau Foo, Pasta, Rojak and more. Yes, you get to enjoy all the food and beverages at a regular price of RM 59 for adults. For the Muslims convenience, the place has a surau available for prayer time.

4. Buffet Ramadhan 2019 @ Teknocafe, Serdang

Would you like to experience a unique experience for your buka puasa sesh? Then you should check out the Iftar Inside Garden concept offered by G2G Cafe, MAEPS in Serdang. The main dish that you have to try is the Kambing Golek because it’s fresh from the farm. With a price of RM 59.90 for adults, you can expect other 100 finger-licking good menu options like Nasi Mandy Kambing, Daging Salai Masak Lemak, pasta, chicken grill and more! This buffet is definitely splurge-worthy. That aside, there’s a surau and spacious parking areas are provided by the organisers. 

5. De' Orchid Glass Hall @ Plaza Metro Mall, Kajang

Opening up its door for the first time for the Ramadan buffet seekers, this place serves a variety of foods that will bring back nostalgia about your favourite food when growing up. With prices starting at RM 45.90, you’ll get to enjoy Sambal Udang, Kupang Masak Pedas, Lala Masak Halia, Ayam Masak Merah, Ayam Goreng Rempah, Ayam Masak Kicap, Gulai Kawah Daging, Rendang Daging, Daging Masak Hitam, Terung Belado and more. What’s great about this place is that there was a kids’ play area so that parents can enjoy their breakfast without being interrupted.

6. Kelab Rahman Putra Malaysia (KRPM), Sungai Buloh

With a varied menu selection, Kelab Rahman Putra offers Ramadan buffet prices as low as RM37 for adults (the second cheapest of this list). This Ramadan buffet will start from May 8 to May 30, 2019. Whether you’re a resident of Sungai Buloh or just happen to be around that area, do swing by the place to break fast with your family or friends!

7. Nelayan Steamboat, Gombak

If you’re feeling “Boringlah, always the same menu”, check out Nelayan Steamboat’s Ramadan buffet where you’ll get to break steamboat and grill food with over 60 menu options with the price of RM39.90 for adults. Yums! Also, while you’re satisfying your tummy, you’ll be entertained by the DJ and MC quips. This buffet is worth it to those who want to dine in a more relaxed setting.

8. The Venue, Shah Alam

Residents of Shah Alam, do not miss the opportunity to visit this Ramadan Buffet offered by The Venue. With a wide selection of dishes that are very appetizing, this year's Ramadan buffet price starts at RM55 for adults. Among the dishes offered are Kambing Golek, Yong Tau Foo, Grilled Chicken, Traditional Kuih Muih, Curry Mee, Otak-otak and many more. To boost your dining experience, there’ll be a live performance for the guests.

9. Tirai Ratu, Shah Alam

Although the place offers Ramadan buffet with different pricing for weekdays and weekends (but still below RM60), you’re still able to indulge its 40 over menu selections of Masakan Kampung cuisine menu like Nasi Minyak and Daging Salai Masak Lemak, just to name a few. To those who are planning to break fast at this place with your 9 other friends or family, make sure you take advantage of its promotion - 1 free promotion per 10 packs because you know, savings. 

10. TH Hotel, Kelana Jaya

To those who are staying around Kelana Jaya or nearby, you can take a look at what TH Hotel has to offer for its Ramadan Buffet. With a price of RM49.90 for adults, you’ll be served a variety of dishes such as Nasi Arab, Roasted Lamb, Shawarma Chicken and others. Other than that, this place also offers 1 FREE pax, for 10 pax reservations, which is ideal for a big family. In addition to that, the Muslims are also invited to join the prayer for Maghrib, Isyak and Terawih at the Tabung Haji Mosque, Kelana Jaya.

11. Lazeez Hadhramaout Restaurant, Setapak

Good news to all Arabic food lovers, this restaurant is offering an open Ramadan buffet at a very affordable price - RM25 per adult. Some of the lip-smacking fares served here are Mandi and Kabsah Rice, grills, pastries, fruits, juices and desserts. Since the space is quite limited, do make early reservations to avoid disappointment.

So, which Ramadan buffet will you go to?

As you can see from the above list, you don’t have to spend a lot of money just to enjoy scrumptious foods. What’s important is to be smart in spending and managing your personal finances! We hope that this list gives you an idea of where to break your fast whether it’s with your family or friends. Also, if you know any other Ramadan buffet below RM60, do share it with us and other readers at the Facebook comment section - sharing is caring, kan?

That aside, with so many temptations around us, especially the foodie videos and photos, we’d like to congratulate those who have made it through this far.

Selamat berbuka and enjoy your meal!

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