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Malaysia vs China: Who Does Petrol Payment App Better?

Updated 11 Dec 2018 – By Loanstreet

If you haven’t heard of Setel yet, prepare to be wow-ed. Picture this: you’re late to work but when you start the engine.. The fuel indicator is blinking! *facepalm* Now you rush to your nearest Petronas but the queue at the cashier counter is SO long *double facepalm*.

Here is where Petronas’s new e-Payment app can SETEL your fuel payment woes. It’s the first petrol e-payment app in Malaysia that enables you to pay for your fuel from the comfort of your car seat. So far, no other app can rival Setel’s e-Payment technology, making it truly one-of-a-kind and a must have - especially for the busy city-dwellers. Keep reading to learn why Setel is in a whole other universe compared to other e-Wallets!
We’ve decided to put Setel's merit to the test and compared it to a QR-based e-Wallet that allows petrol payments in Malaysia:


What’s your verdict?

We think between the two, Setel is the clear winner! We especially love the fact that we get to save more by using Setel as it offers 10% fuel rebate when you refuel a minimum RM30 at least 3 times in 30 days! Check out the video below of when we tested Setel app to search for a supported Petronas station:

Want to know more? Find out how you can start using Setel app by reading our review article here! What do you think of this app? Share your thoughts by commenting on our Facebook post now!

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