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6 Ways The Kiamsiaps Are Spending Their Money This Ramadan

BY Hakimie Amrie

Updated 15 May 2019

Serious wey, we’ve heard this so many times that Ramadan is the ‘it’ month to be thrifty because we’re expected to control ourselves better in this holy month but that didn’t happen... OBVIOUSLY. 

Maybe before this, we have the habit of blaming satan for making us spend greedily, but now every single one of them has been tied, so how lah? No one to blame anymore. 
But it’s okay because today we’re going to share with you how to kiamsiap your way through Ramadan like a good Muslim. 


What's covered in this article?

1. Go to bazaar when it’s almost break fast time 

These days, bazaar kuih are no longer cheap. You need to pay RM1 for 2 kuih only. If like this, RM10 also not enough. Not that just, the sizes of kuih-muih are also smaller nowadays. One bite and you’re done. 

Which is why lah you guys need to buy your bazaar food when it’s almost break fast time. Usually, during this time, the aunty and uncle will give you a discounted price because they don’t want any leftovers. Not just food, those colourful drinks also will become cheaper, sometimes free (depends on your luck lah).

Let’s say you want to buy a pack of watermelon juice. Usually, it’ll cost you RM4 when bought at a normal time but if you buy it late (right before break fast), you might just have to pay RM2 for it. That’s like half price!

If every day you get a discount on food, certainly you can save more right? And for those who feel shy shy cat to buy the discounted food, just stop lah this perangai. By doing this, you guys could prevent more food waste okay.

Source: HalalFocus

Remember the time when our mum and dad always tell us to be patience during Ramadan? This could be one of the reasons why. If we’re being patient and only go to bazaar the very last minute, we can get cheap food! 

2. No need to bring a lot of money at bazaar

Those who think bazaar Ramadan is the place where you can save more because the food is cheaper, think again. This is the place that will make you spend more than you should. How could you not? You’re starving, everything looks tasty and the next thing you know, you’ve spent RM50. Just imagine if you spend this on a daily basis, bankrupt lah for sure.

To prevent you from spending recklessly at the bazaar, what you can do is to set a budget. We suggest RM10 per day. For example, if your monthly budget for food is RM300, RM10 a day is perfect. The rule is, just buy anything that you want as long as it doesn't exceed your budget. We know it ain’t easy, especially when you’re starving, but a thick wallet is much better than a thick Murtabak. 

Don’t believe ah? Just read the next point, you’ll know how. 

3. Break fast with your friends/relatives

This holy month is the time for you to create bonds between your friends/relatives (so that you won’t be awkward to mingle on Raya). We suggest you break fast together with your friends/relatives, especially if you want to eat like a king, or like a fancy Ramadan buffet without having to spend more.

Let’s do some calculations to see how much you can save if you break fast with your relatives/friends. 

Break fast alone:
Nasi Berlauk: RM7.00
Drinks: RM4.00
Murtabak/Kuih: RM5.00
Total: RM16.00

But, if you break fast with your relatives, all you need to buy is your main dish (nasi berlauk). For drinks and Murtabak/kuih, all of you can chip in. 

Drinks: 4 packs of drinks x RM4.00 = RM16.00/10 pax = RM1.60
Murtabak/kuih: 2 Murtabak x RM5.00 = RM10.00/10 pax = RM1.00

RM7.00 + RM 1.60 + RM1.00 = RM9.60 (Ha! you see you see, not even RM10)

That means it’s more than enough to spend RM10 at bazaar.

4. Don’t forget to bring your Tupperware when break fast at the mosque

Ramadan only comes once a year, that means you can only break fast for free once a year. So, instead of buying food at bazaar, use this opportunity to break fast at the mosque for 30 days straight. Some people might say mosque’s food is not sedap lah but we’ve tried it and it tasted fine. TBH, it’s way better than bazaar food. 

Complete with Yusuf Taiyyob’s dates, to the main dish with assorted kuih-muih, deserts, even hot and cold drinks. A whole complete course for free, where else got?

“But, why do we need to bring Tupperware?”

Because of moreh (small feast after tarawih prayer) lah! Always wait for moreh when you’ve finished your tarawih prayer. What you can do to limit your spending even more, is to pack some of the moreh food for your sahur. Can you imagine, getting FREE food and drinks for break fast and sahur? You can use your monthly food budget excess on something else like savings or even use it for Hari Raya preparations. 

5. Buy baju raya that you can wear many-many times

Guys, since you only wear your Baju Melayu once a year, you don’t really have to buy a new one every year. Just recycle the old one along with accessories like Sampin, Songkok, etc. Your baju melayu budget can be used on something that you wear regularly, such as t-shirt and jeans. 

And for the ladies, try to buy clothes that you can mix and match. Buy hijab that you can pair with many attire like black or cream colour hijab. We assume most of you a fair share of Baju Kurung already, so how about this year you opt for a dress or blouse that you can wear to your workplace as well. If you buy the fancy-schmancy baju kurung with all the embroidery and blink blink,  you can only wear it again to an exclusive event like some have-have wedding. 

Or, if you really want to look all glam-glam bergaya on Raya why not just settle it using a credit card? Just shop for baju raya with credit cards that give you the best perks. Check here to know which card suits your lifestyle perfectly!

6. Use Boost to get cheap food

If you already have it, this is the time to make the full out of it, for those who don’t know what’s Boost, we suggest you download it now and you can enjoy digital vouchers up to 50% off. On top of that, you can transfer money for free!

But why? With Boost, you can earn cashback and that cashback can be used to pay for your next break fast food or anything that you wish. Not just that, if you’re an Xpax user, RM10 will be credited to your account once you registered with Boost. 

Below are some of the selected Klang Valley bazar Ramadan locations that accept Boost:
  • Bangsar
  • Taman Tun Desa Ismail (TTDI)
  • Jalan TAR
  • Seksyen 13
  • Bukit Sentosa
  • Puchong Prima
  • Puncak Alam
  • Kosmopleks
  • Pandan Indah

On top of that, Boost has decided to come up with Ramadan promotion. Spend a minimum of RM50 at Fave deals and you might stand a chance to win a voucher worth RM400. Raya just gets a whole lot better this year.

Let’s not forget to pay zakat, donate and do good deeds.

Being thrifty is one thing, but don’t forget to pay your zakat, donate and help people in need, especially in this holy month. After all, the more we give, the more we get, right? Also, can get tax redemption for 2020 tax filing.

There you have it! 6 ways to kiamsiap during Ramadan. Try it and you’ll notice how much you can save. 

Happy Fasting!

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