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How To Buy/Renew Your Car Insurance Online in Just 3 MINUTES?

Updated 23 Nov 2020 – By Team Loanstreet

You can do almost everything online these days, especially with the ongoing pandemic. And, renewing your car insurance is no different. There are a few benefits to it anyway:
  • CHEAPER. You can compare online at the lowest price.
  • TRANSPARENT & SECURE.  The availability of all details online enables you (the policyholder) to make an informed decision.
  • MINIMUM PAPERWORK. Offline car insurance plan requires you to fill up a lot of paperwork during the purchase, you’ll also need your grant with you. 

But, how do you know which insurer to choose? Well, this mainly depends on your needs and budget.  

If you need a suggestion - have you checked out Berjaya Sompo Insurance

With the all-new SOMPO MotorNow, you get to enjoy hassle-free renewal process and revised pricing for insurance premium rate! Hence, you’ll definitely save some money with the lower car insurance premium rate. 

Of course, there are other reasons…


… why SOMPO MotorNow insurance is a smart option.

1. Pay less for your insurance.

Customise your plan according to the coverage that you need only. Great when you’re on a budget. No more over-insured problem.

2. Instant renewals & JPJ updates.

Aside from getting your policy right away, the platform is also connected to JPJ. This means you get to renew your road tax right after your insurance policy has been issued. Isn’t that efficient? All in one go.

3. Free coverage for all drivers.

No matter who is driving your car (so long they have a legit driving license lah), they’re covered. No nomination of drivers is required. With that, you do not need to pay RM10 for every additional driver from the first 2 nominated drivers anymore! Less headache, right?


4. Special discount for female policyholders.

If you’re a female, you get to enjoy 5% discounts on your premium.

5. Choose your excess.

The higher the excess amount you choose to self-pay, the lower the premium for your car insurance.

6. Fast claim approval & direct settlement.

This process is usually a hassle. But, it doesn’t have to be anymore with SOMPO MotorNow. You can get your claim reimbursement within 1 hour after receiving the Acceptance of the Offer Letter by Berjaya Sompo Insurance!

So, how to renew/purchase SOMPO MotorNow Insurance?

1. Head over to their website to get a quotation. Free, you know.

2. Then, you choose your plan. This is where you get to customise your Sum Insured, add-ons and excess amount.

3. Next, fill up your details. Make sure to give the correct info to avoid future disappointments i.e. claim issue

4. You’ll get the summary of your policy and the car insurance premium. Check first before proceeding.


5. Lastly, make the payment. You can pay via credit card, online banking or e-wallet. And… you’re done.


Haaa… easy right? This car insurance renewal process will only take 3 minutes of your time!

For those with expired car insurance and road tax, don’t wait too long to get them renewed. We’re pretty sure you know that there’s a penalty for driving around without valid car insurance. 

How much? Well, it’s up to RM1,000 or a jail term of up to three months je. Not only that. You will need to bear all the expenses such as damage repairs, towing services and more when you got into an accident without car insurance. You’ll also not be able to renew your road tax if you don’t have at least a third-party car insurance. 

Find out more on how to enhance your vehicle protection with a more comprehensive private car insurance plan with SOMPO MotorNow today. Or, if you’re already interested, CLICK HERE, to renew your car insurance now.

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