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9 Ways To Earn Money While We #dudukrumah

BY Putrina Rafie

Updated 23 Jul 2020

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) predicts that this global pandemic can possibly cause between 5.3 to 24.7 million of unemployment depending on how fast the government acts upon this pandemic.

If you’re one of the many individuals who are affected, then here are two tips for you.

First, breathe! You deserve those few seconds to breathe in and out. These are hard times and you need to take note that you are only human. 

Second, if you’re unemployed or your pay’s been cut, there is more than one way to skin a cat even while you #stayhome, which leads us to our main point, here are 9 ways to earn money.

What's covered in this article?

1. Sell homecooked meals

Now, here’s a job that’s a little bit offline. To all our closet Gordon Ramseys and Mak Cik Kiah’s, a homecooked meal is another home’s heaven. If you happen to always be cooking up a storm then get paid for it. 

Cook dishes or baked goods for your neighbourhood, close family, friends or even your mom’s fake news group chats, or simply get acquainted with this app Shafolo or Facebook group Yumcious, depending on the ingredients, it would be RM15 to RM50 per meal, excluding delivery. 

2. Online Tutoring

The internet is key during this MCO and with all schools closed, parents will need all the help they can get. If you’re already a teacher then online tutoring/ teaching is not new to you, but for all of you walking encyclopedias who love guiding others, this should be an opportunity to hop on. 

Check out  Champion Tutor, My private tutor and Part-Time Tutor Malaysia, or if you have friends who are already in the industry don’t be afraid to reach out. The rates start at RM10 to RM150 per hour depending on qualifications and experience.


3. Online Training/Coaching

While we’re on the e-learning train, knowledge is wide and it doesn’t need to end with geography or math. If you have an interesting skill worth learning, such as yoga, pottery-making, makeup, cooking etc. this is your time to shine and educate the world.

Set up an online course and share your knowledge, through platforms such as Udemy, Teachable, or teach at your terms by setting up private lessons and get the word out through social media. Course rates depend on type skill and utensils. If you were to use the platforms mentioned, most courses start around USD15  to USD30.


4. Online Counseling

This job is a little skewed for Counseling and Psychology majors, but still important for our community and one you could do from home. In this time of self-isolation, counsellors and therapists are important for those who struggle to cope. 

Online counselling platforms such as The Help Talk, Naluri or Thoughtful World believe in giving access to counselling and therapy to everyone. Depending on the platforms it could start at RM100 to RM200 per hour. This is a wholesome career to apply during these complicating times. 


5. Dropshipping

Flair out the entrepreneur in you without the heavy logistics. Dropshipping allows you to sell your items and ship it straight to customers, without the mafan work of a warehouse, stocks and postings.  If this concept is news to you, it’s time to educate yourself here

All you need is a laptop, internet and a passion for entrepreneurship. Great websites to help kickstart this journey Asogo, SaveValue2u and SaleHoo. Now, the income is dependent on the product, location, etc. to get an idea of the possibilities, please read this.


6. Freelance Translator

We’re Malaysians, kan? So, that means we’re either bilingual or multilingual. As the world continues to integrate, there will always be a demand for translators. 

It’s time to put your linguistic knowledge of Mandarin, Malay or even French to good use. Keep a lookout for work on Favser or Upwork. The hourly rate for translators starts around RM 30 to RM40.


7. Online Virtual Assistant

Are you detail-oriented and have impeccable time-management skills? Doing more than one thing at once comes naturally to you? Are you somehow the family’s personal assistant? 

If this sounds like you then online virtual assistance may be for you. Help answer calls, schedule meetings, become correspondence for parties, answer emails etc. through Truelancer, Supahands,  eRezeki or People Per Hour. Your hourly rate could start from RM8  o RM15, depending on qualifications.  


8. Freelance Writing

Do you enjoy writing and you’re pretty good at it? Then maybe freelance writing is the job for you. Content writing especially makes up about 40% of marketing, so this line of work is high in demand and we don’t see it decreasing anytime soon. 

Find opportunities at Content Writer or Favser, you could also join a Facebook community of local freelance writers at Malaysian Freelance Writers. The market price at the moment for writers is RM0.60 to RM0.70 per word or RM150 to RM400 or more depending on the content that you’ll have to write.


9. Social Media Manager

Social Media has been our ever source of entertainment and information for a while, and even more so now. So, if you’re a fan of dank memes or just enjoy and understand the importance of good social media feeds, please take this opportunity to make use of this skill. 

There really is no better time but now, set up your resume at Upwork, Fiverr or if you’re already on scrolling through your socials, then keep an eye for those stores fishing for a manager because you could be earning up RM50 to RM 200 per hour depending on experience and project.


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