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AIA General Berhad Launched AIA Online Shield (Protection from RM19.90)

BY Team Loanstreet

Updated 11 Dec 2020

AIA General Berhad (a subsidiary of AIA Bhd) recently announced its new digital insurance initiative to cater to a new customer segment – digital consumers. This will place AIA General Berhad at the forefront of digital insurance in Malaysia as part of its efforts to expand its product offering while and address the unmet needs of a younger generation of customers who mostly make purchases online.

Ben Ng, AIA Bhd.’s Chief Executive Officer shared: “We are incredibly excited by the enormous prospects that our digital insurance initiative brings – with it comes the potential of being able to further meet the evolving needs of these new customers over time through our over 16,000-strong agency force that is fully equipped and able to provide sound financial planning advice and guidance as well as insurance and takaful plans with comprehensive protection.”

What's covered in this article?

So, what's new?

1. The first digital insurance plan to be launched under the new initiative is AIA Online Shield.

It's an affordable personal accident plan that covers accidents, COVID-19 and dengue fever. This timely plan offers customers the flexibility to choose their desired benefits and coverage term, providing compensation up to RM50,000 in the event of death caused by accidental means, as well as up to RM12,000 for COVID-19 and dengue fever, respectively. 

To make this new product possible, AIA General Berhad is partnering with ZA Tech Global Limited – leveraging its market-leading software and technological capabilities to create and deliver simple yet specialised general insurance products through highly efficient digital platforms. The partnership will enable AIA to provide tailor-made protection instantly based on customers’ lifestyle activities.

2. The customer journey from purchase through to claims has been simplified and will be entirely digital.

This amplified the company’s efforts to make insurance more accessible and affordable. AIA Online Shield will make its digital debut on Malaysia’s leading online shopping platform, Shopee in conjunction with its upcoming 12.12 sales campaign.

Click HERE to purchase or if you wanna know more on how you can purchase it on Shopee, watch the video HERE.

Commenting on AIA General Berhad’s milestone in the digital general insurance ecosystem, Eric Chang, its Chief Executive Officer said: “The world is constantly evolving and becoming increasingly digital – spurring transformations at a rapid pace. This initiative is part of our efforts to find new ways to serve our customers and their ever-changing protection needs by enabling the purchase of insurance in any way that they prefer, including online. We have also observed how the increase in the consumption of digital services has exposed customers to new risks that are seldom addressed, and our goal is to introduce new and innovative products that can meet those needs.”

For more information on AIA General Berhad and AIA Online Shield, please visit
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