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3 Reasons To Use a Credit Card When Travelling

BY Team Loanstreet

Updated 03 Oct 2023

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Remember those days when we couldn't tahan staying at home, dreaming about jalan-jalan to all the nice places? Well, travel is back in action! It's time to ajak your kakis and make those dreams come true.

But wait, before you pack your things, let's talk about how you can level up your travel game and get the most out of your upcoming trip. The secret sauce: a credit card! Yup, and it's not just about convenience je, kawan.

So, jom explore the myriad advantages of using a credit card for your travel escapades.

What's covered in this article?

1. Unleashing a World of Rewards


You cannot say credit card, without thinking about its perks and rewards. For instance, with airline miles, you can fly for free!  Or get cheaper flight upgrades, baggage and so much more. With reward points programs, all you gotta do is buy, collect points, and cash out! You can also redeem your points for discounts, exclusive offers, and even gift cards. With hotel points, you even get free accommodations.

Use your cashback reward to save while you jalan-jalan around the globe. Simply make purchases with partnering retailers to earn cashback returns. You can then save up the returns for travel expenditures. With premium credit cards like Visa Infinite and Visa Signature, you get to enjoy perks like concierge services, tau? They’ll do anything, from travel arrangements to providing recommendations.

2. Building a Strong Financial Foundation


So, kawan- kawan, how are your credit scores looking? To jaga your credit scores, make sure you always pay up and on time too. Keep your credit utilisation ratio below 30%. Maintaining a credit account for an extended period and effectively managing diverse credit types also have a positive impact on your credit score.

But why is a credit score, so important lah? Because… it sets you up for life! Meaning, the best car loan rates, increased chances of mortgage and rental approval and so much more. Tapi kan, it’s not just about long-term benefits tau. You can leverage your credit card for business opportunities jugak. With careful planning, you can use your credit card for your business’s short-term financing needs.

3. Navigating Travel with Peace of Mind


Let’s be honest - travelling can be both exciting and daunting. But if you got a credit card, you know you're protected. With trip cancellation/interruption insurance, you can get reimbursed for cancelled or interrupted trips.

But wait, it gets better, some cards even offer emergency assistance services. They assist with medical referrals, transportation, lost documents, legal aid and emergency cash. Not only that. You also get  24/7 customer support that you can reach out to at any time for anything from stolen cards to booking changes.

If you really want to take it up a notch, #TravelWithVisa is the way to go


Why? Well because… Visa's global network spans over 200+ countries. So, hassle-free transactions wherever you go! However, your Visa’s support goes far beyond making payment transactions easy. Its global network of support is designed specifically to provide travellers assistance through various travelling challenges. With 24/7 customer support, travellers can seek assistance anytime, anywhere.

Visa’s extensive protection measures are yet another reason why #TravelWithVisa is the way to go. From advanced fraud detection systems to EMV chip technology, Visa employs sophisticated methods of protection. Moreover, when you #TravelWithVisa you get to enjoy perks like access to airport lounges, travel insurance coverage, and concierge services. 

We can go on and on about the advantages of #TravelWithVisa but did you know Visa provides discounts and services that enhance other aspects of your life too? From online courses to insurance renewals, Visa has got you covered. Click here to learn more! 

Also, you can renew your car/ motorcycle insurance using your Visa card with Loanstreet right here and enjoy a 10% discount. For a limited time only.

*The above article is intended for informational purposes only. Loanstreet accepts no responsibility for loss that may arise from reliance on information contained in the articles

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