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Can You Possibly Afford Your Mother?

Contributor - Faye Kwan - 08 May 2020

Mother knows best, which is certainly true in this case, what with their many years of experience at home. Mother’s Day is almost upon us, and th[...]

Monopoly and Money: Personal Finance Lessons from a Family-Favourite Game

Contributor - Faye Kwan - 13 Nov 2019

The Monopoly board game has been a classic for almost a century, but more than just a board game, it also doubles as a real estate trading game. [...]

What Exactly Is the Price of Road Rage?

Contributor - Faye Kwan - 13 Nov 2019

Malaysians seem to be having trouble controlling their anger issues lately, and we see them venting it on other unsuspecting drivers on the road.[...]

Are you financially prepared for the golden years?

Contributor - Faye Kwan - 19 Oct 2018

Is it our responsibility to take care of our elderly parents? Unfortunately, it’s safe but sad to say that we’re headed towards a selfish and sha[...]

How Would You Choose to Burn a Budget of RM80,000?

Contributor - Faye Kwan - 13 Nov 2019

There are plenty of good options on how to blow RM80k in one sitting – from investing in a property or donating it to charity. However, here’s on[...]

7 Steps to Improve Your Safety When Travelling Abroad

Contributor - Faye Kwan - 07 Dec 2022

You've just booked flight tickets to your dream destination and cannot wait to jet off, leaving all your worries behind. Wait, have you made sure[...]