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[QUIZ] M’sians, What Kind of 'Lansi' Road Rage Do You Have?

Updated 18 Jan 2019 – By Nisya Aziz

People say driving can bring out the devil in you - we’ve seen it in the news and social media. What’s interesting is that most of these road ragers ‘think’ that they’re a good driver. This means that we could be one of them too! 

It’s understandable that driving can be pretty stressful, especially in the city - it’s just what many of us have to do to get from Point A to B. And, we’re pretty sure most of us have developed a unique personality to a certain extent ever since we started to drive, kan? For example, you can be a cool person off-road but when you start driving, you turn into the Hulk.

Just so you know, your driving personality could cause danger not just to yourself, but others as well. Take this quiz to find out if your ‘engine’ needs a little cooling or re-tuning.

So, what did you get?

Don't take the results seriously tho. It's just for fun (although it can be kinda true). On the serious note - Just remember, no matter what irks you on the road, it isn't worth losing your head over. Don’t get worked up over things that you can’t control. Be smart about it and remember that some battles aren’t worth fighting. Sometimes it's more important to just let go of that pent-up road rage. Always keep your anger in check and try this breathing technique every time to manage your road rage.

That aside, make sure you’re also safe on the road. Purchase/ renew your car or motorcycle insurance, as well as your road tax in less than 5 minutes via Loanstreet!
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